6 Top Communication Aids and Typing Devices for Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson’s patients face difficulty in writing and communicating. A study says that people suffering from this disease may start having problems regarding walking, talking, and tremors. This disease can very much affect your daily life.  Speech and communication are the attributes of every person gifted from nature. However, when you have Parkinson’s disease, your natural […]

Best 8 Beds and Mattresses for Parkinson’s Patients in 2022

Parkinson’s is a Neurological illness that starts when the cells in your nervous system start degenerating. In this disorder, people experience various conditions such as shaking, difficulty walking, balance, and coordination. People suffering from Parkinson’s also struggle to get rest, and it’s important that you have the right bed and Mattress to get better sleep. […]

10 Best Grabbers/Reachers Tools For Elderly And Disabled In 2022

In the early days, people suffering from physical disabilities depended upon caretakers for any movement. Imagine a scenario where a person lives alone and sustains a wound keeping her/him from squatting down or bending over on the ground. Now, where will they get help?  In today’s era, technology blessed people with solutions and problem-solving capabilities. […]