Detailed Guide To Parkinson’s Disease

Here is your detailed guide to Parkinson’s Disease. The burden of neurological diseases on economies is increasing worldwide, and Parkinson’s disease is becoming prominent among these due to its increasing number over decades. It’s not new to humankind; it was discovered by James Charles back in 1817.  Parkinson is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that exhibits […]

What Does Parkinson’s Disease Do?

What Does Parkinson’s Disease Do? Parkinson’s Disease is an idiopathic condition that affects physical and mental abilities. The condition is incurable and progresses slowly over the years with more than 5 different stages of severity.  Most of the symptoms are caused by a reduction in dopamine due to the loss of nerve cells in the brain. […]

Which Actors Had Parkinson’s Disease?

Which Actors Had Parkinson’s disease? Actors ranging from Michael J. Fox to Robin Williams some many famous actors and celebrities had Parkinson’s Disease.  But before we move on to an elaborate list of such actors who had Parkinson’s Disease, let us see what it is? Parkinson’s Disease or P.D. is what experts call a neurodegenerative […]

What Is Juvenile Parkinson’s Disease?

Before discussing Juvenile Parkinson’s Disease (or JPD) in detail, we must consider what is PD itself?  If the symptoms develop before the age of forty (or fifty), it is referred to as ‘Early-Onset’ Parkinson’s Disease (EOPD).  This EOPD is further classified into two groups. If the symptoms show between the age of twenty-one to forty, […]