Best Smart Pens For Dyslexia

Best 5 Smart Pens For Dyslexia | Do They Really Help?

Dyslexia is a term used for a disorder that results in difficulty reading letters, words, and symbols. This can not only affect one’s speech but also how their brain interprets words and their writing as well. So, for example, a student might struggle with writing notes and understanding what the teacher says. This is obviously […]

Do Blind People Dream In Color

Do Blind People Dream In Color?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be blind? Do blind people dream in color? This is one of the most controversial questions regarding the nature of dreams of a blind person and a question that has been plaguing mankind. It’s a very interesting question to ask, mainly because most people are unaware of […]

Best 6 Computer Games And Apps For Parkinson’s Patients in 2022

Playing computer games and using applications designed intrinsically for Parkinson’s patients can help them cope with their condition and maintain the balance that they require. According to a study done by the UCSF School of Nursing, video games and mobile applications help patients suffering from Parkinson’s improve their overall walking speed, stride length, focus, concentration […]