Do’s and Don’Ts When Dealing With an Elderly Alcoholic Parent

I am sure We also have heard about how beautiful the relationship between a parent and their child is, how it is the most rewarding and most significant part of your life. But remember, there are two sides to a coin. If a relationship/ bond can be so significant and beautiful, imagine the flip side […]

Can a Blind Person Live Alone? 10 Tips for Living Independently as Blind

In 2015, it was estimated that around two hundred and fifty-three million (253 million) people were visually impaired. Out of this, thirty-six million people were blind. This number has increased over time. There are several reasons for visual impairment or blindness. Someone is born with it, some have a neurological disorder that causes them to […]

Best Microwave Ovens And Stoves For Visually Impaired | Cooking With Ease

Everyone is aware of the difficulties that a person has to face in the kitchen. But for people with low vision or a permanent visual impairment, going into the kitchen may seem like a nightmare if they don’t have user-friendly appliances at home. However, no need to worry anymore; I have researched this topic for […]

Best Banks And Banking Apps For Visually Impaired That Will Make Your Life Easier

The days of writing lengthy checks and balancing the bank statements might be over, but mostly it is because the debit and credit cards have taken their place. It is so much easier to perform a transaction with a debit card, in addition to the different kinds of financial resources that come with it. Now […]

Assistive Technology for Deaf Drivers In 2022 That Will Keep Them Safe

Each day deaf and hard-of-hearing people have to face challenges in a world that (unfortunately) mainly focuses on non-disabled people. Everyone wants to be independent and wants to be mobile; people want to make their way around the world on their own. Vehicles, primarily cars, are a great way to achieve that. However, driving a […]