How to comfort someone over a text when they are mad – 6 Tips

What is that one emotion or feeling that can make a person go as far as destroying and ruining the good things in their lives? Anger.  I know, weird, right? Something as small and mundane as feelings can weigh that heavy on a person’s life.  Finding it hard to believe? Well, then think about all […]

How To Comfort Someone Over Text When They Feel Lonely

Lonely, a word so short yet so heavy.  Every single one of us had to go through the misery this word carries, at least once in our lives. Because sometimes, despite being surrounded by multitudes of people, we still carry an empty feeling, a feeling no one should have to go through. This is why […]

Best Computer Games And Apps For Parkinson’s Patients

Playing computer games and using applications designed intrinsically for Parkinson’s patients can help them cope with their condition and maintain the balance that they require. According to a study done by the UCSF School of Nursing, video games and mobile applications help patients suffering from Parkinson’s improve their overall walking speed, stride length, focus, concentration […]