8 Famous Football and Basketball Players Who Wear Contact Lenses

Visual disturbance affects most of us. It should not get in the way of us living the best life, one that is true to who we are. Although we have the option to wear corrective glasses, athletes do not. They will find corrective glasses to be a hindrance. Wearing glasses and playing sports is a […]

Famous Football, Basketball, Rugby, Baseball Players Diagnosed with Cancer

In this blog post, we will be discussing the unfortunate diagnosis of many athletes with cancer. It’s a difficult subject to discuss because it is so sad and not an easy topic for any athlete to have to go through. But as a society, we should know about these cases in order to generate awareness […]

Best Beer Types and Brands for Asthmatics Who Wants And Deserves to Enjoy It

As a person with asthma, you might have found that some foods and drinks make it difficult to breathe. Beer and Alcohol are some of those items. But don’t worry!  In case your respiratory system cannot take the intake of concentrated beer do not worry because there are still some options available for you. There […]

Can You Be a Footballer, Basketball, Volleyball, or Rugby Player with Asthma?

Yes, you can be a footballer, basketball, volleyball, or a rugby player while dealing with asthma. Do you know what is the most myth associated with asthma? There is no way you can exercise or do any tiring physical activity for a long time with asthma. But that is exactly what it is, a myth […]

Can you Be a Boxer or a Martial Artist with Asthma?

In simple words, yes you can be a Martial artist or a Boxer with Asthma. But in some expert’s opinion, you shouldn’t as the toll for all the boxing and martial arts training have consequences which may vary from person to person. But don’t let it beat your spirit down. The whole world still lies […]

8 Famous Athletes with Down Syndrome That Will Definitely Inspire You!

People with intellectual disabilities lead very difficult lives. A lack of awareness and facilities can affect their development. However, it does not mean that they cannot achieve anything they strive for. If you have Down syndrome or know someone who does, you do not need to lose hope. There are famous athletes with Down syndrome […]