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  • How Deaf Was Beethoven

    How Deaf Was Beethoven? How Did He Become Deaf?

    What can be more heart-itching than not relishing one’s very own success?   As the sole crafter of the 9th magisterial Symphony, Ludwig van Beethoven experienced this dilemma when he could not hear his very own creation and ecstatic applause from the audience. Beethoven is indeed a living legend of his time. Unfortunately, by the zenith…

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  • Best And Worst Jobs For Someone With Seizures

    6 Best (And Worst) Jobs For Someone With Seizures

    Job hunting is surely a very challenging task, and it’s especially more challenging for people with Seizures. If you have this condition, you won’t be able to do well in certain jobs, and if you want to excel, it’s important that you choose the right career for you. Here is a related article that might…

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  • 9 Famous Athletes with Diabetes That Didn’t Let Nothing Stop Them

    Anyone who has diabetes will tell you that they have both good days and bad days. It is just how it is when it comes to living with the condition. However, it is crucial that you show diabetes who is boss. The truth is that having diabetes does not mean that you cannot achieve whatever…

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  • Best Beer Types and Brands for Asthmatics Who Wants And Deserves to Enjoy It

    As a person with asthma, you might have found that some foods and drinks make it difficult to breathe. Beer and Alcohol are some of those items. But don’t worry!  In case your respiratory system cannot take the intake of concentrated beer do not worry because there are still some options available for you. There…

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  • Can you Be a Boxer or a Martial Artist with Asthma?

    In simple words, yes you can be a Martial artist or a Boxer with Asthma. But in some expert’s opinion, you shouldn’t as the toll for all the boxing and martial arts training have consequences which may vary from person to person. But don’t let it beat your spirit down. The whole world still lies…

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  • Best Martial Arts For Disabled People And WheelChair Users

    In recent years, martial arts have gained immense popularity. Why? Well, there is no specific reason. However, studies do indicate that Hollywood has a huge role to play in this. And I mean, duh, everyone was obsessed with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan at least once in their life.  Another fundamental and common reason for…

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