Can you Be a Boxer or a Martial Artist with Asthma?




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In simple words, yes you can be a Martial artist or a Boxer with Asthma. But in some expert’s opinion, you shouldn’t as the toll for all the boxing and martial arts training have consequences which may vary from person to person. But don’t let it beat your spirit down. The whole world still lies ahead of you.

According to the latest stats, Asthma is one of the major long-term respiratory disorders that affects the world population, especially children. The Asthma attack can be triggered through pollens, dust, mold spores, particles of excrements, etc. The asthma triggers can vary from patient to patient.

As soon as the patient gets in contact with the triggers, the respiratory withing lungs begin to contract in a matter of seconds. As a result, the person experiences shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, like systems. The condition can only be relieved by using an inhaler.

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Now, as long as the patient is kept away from these triggers, he/she can prevent an Asthma attack. And according to experts, this is the only precaution most Asthma patients need to take before starting boxing or martial arts training. But, don’t forget to consult your doctor before joining the training session.

Are Martial Artists Training Sessions Going To Suppress Asthma?

Majority of the Asthma patients think that it is nothing more than a myth that activities like martial training and other physical activities are going to suppress asthma. But as a matter of fact, this isn’t a myth but a proven fact.

According to experts, physical training like this is surely going to improve the overall health and endurance of the lungs which is much needed for Asthma patients. This also helps the body to fight back any symptoms of medications used to suppress Asthma attacks.

But in general, you must prefer telling your condition to the instructor or the coach. In this way, the coach will be aware of your condition and will be able to take necessary precautionary measures in case of an emergency. Keep the coach or the trainer updated with the emergency medicines as well.

According to studies, an asthma attack is not pre-determined. A minute the patient might be sitting peacefully and in the next minute, he/she will be feeling difficulty in even breathing. But for a determined athlete like yourself, this is nothing that can’t be overcome with timely use of an inhaler and a proper strategy.

Well known MMA Fighters and Boxers with Asthma

Like I said earlier, Asthma is not something that can stop you from achieving your goals as a professional boxer or martial artist. All you need is a will to carry on no matter what. In this, 9 out 10 days, you will be able to work out just like the rest of your sparing partners.

Who can forget UFC 249? The immortal heavyweight fight between Greg Hardy and Yorgan De Castro ended with Greg Hardy getting the win by a split decision. Here’s the interesting part, Greg Hardy, the famous UFC fighter is asthmatic.

And here’s a shocking fact for you, Heath Herring also has asthma. Yes, the famous MMA fighter Heath Herring. Also, the first-ever contender ‘the beast’ Brock Lesnar faced in his debut UFC match on August 9, 2008. Having asthma and facing Brock Lesnar is not a kid’s play for sure.

As it comes to boxing, maybe the most famous fighter that had Asthma is Shannon Briggs who didn’t let His Asthma stopping him from being a Former two-time heavyweight champion of the world.

And last but not the least, Rudi Lubbers, the ‘Dutch Iron Man’ who faced the greatest of all time Mohammad Ali in a boxing match back in 1973 also faced Asthma. Of course, Ali won the match, what else can you expect from the greatest boxer of all time?

The best mix of martial arts for Asthma patients

Remember, not all types of mix martial arts can be practiced by Asthma patients. Indeed, the intensity of Asthma varies from patient to patient, but there are some divisions of karate, jujitsu, and Muay Tai that can become too strenuous for any asthma patient.

However, you can enjoy most of the well-known divisions of mixed martial marts. According to physicians, asthma can be controlled through proper medications and therapy sessions. But anything that comes with medications also has its side effects.

So, to prevent these side effects from becoming huge trouble, the best way is to keep oneself active. Physical activities like boxing and mix martial arts don’t only keep the body active, but it also strengthens the already weakening immune system of the body. Hence enhancing the odds to overcome Asthma by many times.

But the real questions are, what division of mixed martial arts you should choose? Well, the choice is totally up to you. But divisions like Karate, Aikido, Tae kwon do, and the universally famous Kung-fu are some of the best options you can choose from. Oh, and don’t forget boxing.

Conclusion: Asthma and mixed martial arts

You know, there’s an old Chinese saying that can be translated as ‘a disease can’t kill the patient without weakening his spirit’. And according to modern-day research, this thousands of years old saying is 100% true.

According to research, every known disease that can affect mankind doesn’t focus on destroying the body alone, but the spirit as well. This is also applicable to a disorder like asthma. Remember, your body doesn’t stop fighting against disease as long as the brain signals the white blood cells to step down.

That’s why keeping your spirit and will alive in any kind of disease or situation is the ultimate level of courage you can show. And to help your body fight against asthma, the best thing is to focus on building the body’s endurance and physical strength through boxing and mixed martial arts.

But don’t forget to get a piece of final advice from your doctor before starting training. After all, the intensity of Asthma you are dealing with might be drastic enough to stop you from taking part in workout-based activities like this. But still, the spirit of fighting and getting back on your feet is all within you. 

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