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As a person with asthma, you might have found that some foods and drinks make it difficult to breathe. Beer and Alcohol are some of those items. But don’t worry! 

Best Beer Types and Brands for Asthmatics

In case your respiratory system cannot take the intake of concentrated beer do not worry because there are still some options available for you.

There are plenty of beers out there for people with a sensitive respiratory system and as a beer lover, I have decided that there is no reason that you, my Asthmatic friends, won’t enjoy drinking it too.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best beer types and brands for asthmatics so that you can find your perfect brew.

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Best 6 Beer Types And Brands For Asthmatics

1. Heineken   

This is a great beer for those with asthma. It has little to no odor, which will make it easier on your respiratory system while drinking. 

It is also low in histamines, which will reduce your chances of having an allergic reaction. 

Plus, it has high carbonation and hops content, which is known to open the lungs. 

2. Miller Lite 

This is also a light beer that has low histamines and allergen as well. It will be easier for you to breathe after drinking one or two bottles of this beverage. 

It also has high carbonation content as well as hops in its formula, allowing your respiratory system to stay clear.

Coors Light 

Cross Light is another light beer that has minor to low quantities of histamines. It is also devoid of allergic triggers. In case you are looking for such a beer that won’t be hard for your respiratory system this one is your answer.

The brilliant thing is its high carbonation content in its formula, allowing your respiratory system to stay clear. 

3. Blue Moon Belgian White Ale 

This is an unfiltered beer that has orange peel and coriander, which will help soothe your respiratory system. The fascinating thing is the high carbonation content making it a great choice for those with asthma. 

4. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Pale Ale) 

This is an American pale ale that can be enjoyed by people with asthma because it is unfiltered and has low histamines. People who suffer from asthma enjoy this beverage because it causes more pressure on the respiratory system and breathing.

5. Cider 

People who cannot drink beer due to having asthma should try drinking cider instead! Ciders are made from the fermentation of fruit juice, so they have fewer hops in their formula. Also, Cider is an alcoholic drink that has fruit juice as its primary ingredient. Cider is also easier to breathe after drinking, making it a great choice for asthmatics!

6. Pilsner 

This type of lager has a mild flavor and is light-bodied. It makes it the perfect choice as an everyday beer, and its smooth taste won’t trigger asthma symptoms. Porters are also great choices because they contain lower alcohol content than many other kinds of beers.

Tips To Consume Beer If You Have Asthma

Beer is a famous alcoholic drink, people usually take it at different events. People who have asthma will definitely be cautious if they want to drink beer as an alcoholic beverage because of its properties that might cause the asthma symptoms to act up.

So, what are some steps or tips for you if you want to drink beer and avoid getting asthma?

Smelling The Beer First

Do not drink directly by opening the can or bottle of beer if you are an asthma patient, instead try smelling it first. The reason for this is that there might be dust particles floating around the room where you keep your drinks and beers or even at home since dust can also trigger asthma symptoms. So when you smell the beer, make sure there are no particles floating around.

Taking Small Sips Instead Of Gulping It Down

For asthma patients who want to drink beer, it is best that they take short and slow breaths when drinking the beer. This is also true for people who want to consume any alcoholic drinks as part of their drinks.

Eating Food First Before Drinking Beer

It is best that you eat your meal first before consuming beers because the fats in the foods can cause stress on your respiratory system of which asthma symptoms might act up. 

It would be best if you would eat a light meal instead of having greasy foods like heavy fried and fatty foods, this will also be best for people who have respiratory problems like asthma.

Making Sure The Room Is Well-ventilated

Make sure that there are no dust particles in the room where you drink your beer as an alcoholic beverage so that it will not cause an asthma attack to act up..

Limit Your Drinking Of Beer

If you want to drink beer, which is an alcoholic beverage, make sure that it will not be excessive since too much or chronic consumption of alcohol can cause asthma symptoms as well. 

It is best if you limit your drinking to once a week or 2 times a month only. Drinking more than that will predispose you to develop asthma symptoms and make it worse as well.

Use Bottled Beer Instead Of Canned Beer

One tip that can help in avoiding asthma symptoms is to use bottled beer since there are fewer chances of dust particles being present since there would be no can containing it. 

Canned beer usually contains some dust particles which might trigger asthma symptoms. So, if you want to avoid this as much as possible, be sure to buy bottled beer instead of canned since it is more hygienic and healthier.


Asthma is a serious condition and therefore caution is a must in this scenario. It is always a good idea not to consume any alcoholic beverages if you have any astigmatic symptoms.

But sometimes if you feel like it, you can consume beer from the above-mentioned list. Happy Drinking 🙂

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