Can You Be a Footballer, Basketball, Volleyball, or Rugby Player with Asthma?




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Yes, you can be a footballer, basketball, volleyball, or a rugby player while dealing with asthma. Do you know what is the most myth associated with asthma? There is no way you can exercise or do any tiring physical activity for a long time with asthma. But that is exactly what it is, a myth and nothing more.

As physicians like to describe asthma in a fun way, Asthma is not a ‘full-time’ respiratory disorder. In other words, the patient will A-okay like a normal individual as long as there’s no asthma attack waiting to have happened. 

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And if the physicians have been able to identify the exact trigger for an asthma attack for the respective patient, then chances of you becoming a footballer, basketball, volleyball, or a rugby player are 100% percent bright. All that is left is you showing your rockstar sports skills to qualify for your desired team.

But if you are using an inhaler, don’t forget to keep it within your kit no matter what. You never know when you’re going to need it. And don’t worry, some professional players face the same problem you are facing, so keep your morale high.

How Do Players Usually Deal With Asthma?

Whether it is football, basketball, volleyball, or rugby, some professional players deal with asthma. Players that are legends of their game. Players that have shattered records. So, your dream of showing your skills to the world is still intact even with asthma.

But, as a professional player, there are certain precautions you need to take. An asthma attack is an unpleasant surprise. Physicians can predict its triggers but no one can exactly tell when an asthma attack is coming your way. Sometimes, the triggers of an asthma attack are not confined to physical materials alone.

Among professional sports players, there are cases of asthma recorded where an asthma attack is triggered by the heat of the moment or the pressure of the game alone. That is why, besides keeping an inhaler with you all the time, controlling your mind and handling the pressure is the thing you need to master.

Also, don’t forget to take breaks if you’re not feeling that well. Of course, your team is going to practice in your absence, but considering your condition, don’t try to push your body to its limits when you can take the day off.

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Some top sports for asthma?

Now, let us talk about some outdoor endurance-building sports that asthma players can play as effectively as any other player. The first is football itself. A game focused on building endurance and teamwork; this game will surely help you build the kind of endurance you need to fight against football.

The all-time favorite basketball. Few sports require you to constantly run and stay in action throughout the game, but Basketball is one of them. If you have got the height and the stamina, even asthma can’t stop you from becoming a legend of the game.

Got hands made of stone? Volleyball is surely tough on my fingers but the thrill and teamwork associated with this sport is on a whole another level. Just keep your inhaler close to them as you may misplace it in all the jumping and dashing.

Probably one of the most dangerous sports to play in modern times. But if you got the build and the strength to outshine others, you can be the next Super Bowl Sunday Rugby underdog in no time. But do consult your doctor before signing the season’s contract.

Some sports legends with Asthma

  • Dennis Rodman

The man, the myth. Winner of five NBA championships and the best rebounder NBA has yet seen, Dennis Rodman all this glory while struggling with Asthma. But even with this, he became the only player making it into the Hall of Fame from the 1986 second-round draft.

  • Jerome ‘the bus’ Bettis

Even I was shocked to hear that the bus himself was diagnosed with asthma when he was just 15 years old. With six Pro Bowls and Super Bowl Championship (2006) in his bag, the bus is an ambassador of fighting against asthma for your dreams.

  • Emmet Smith

Not every day is a day when the Dallas Cowboys shows what the greatest running backs of the NFL history look like. Yes, the 15 NFL seasons veteran, one of the greatest running backs of all time, Emmet Smith has also been diagnosed with asthma from a young age.

  • David Beckham

Last but not the least, one of the most prominent football stars the world has seen so far, David Beckham has also been diagnosed with asthma from the early days of his career. But the English footballer has been able to keep this condition under control throughout his career.

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Some Important Tips To Deal With Asthma As A Player

  • No matter what’s the intensity of your asthma, 9 out of 10 doctors would suggest you keep an inhaler with you all the time. Yes, even during matches, and don’t hesitate to use the inhaler during half-time of time outs.
  • As a professional sports player, the second thing that’s going to keep you away from an asthma attack is going to be a warm-up before every game. The warn up energizes your body and sets it into momentum pre-game. As a result, you will feel much relaxed and active throughout the game.
  • Take rest whenever necessary. Don’t think about what your teammates are going to comment on your condition. To perform like the champion, you are, you must not be hesitant to keep your body at rest whenever necessary.
  • Focus on your diet, the easiest part of your routine you need to focus on. Avoid eating too much fatty or spicy food and try to remain as much hydrated as possible. As a result, the mucous lining within your lungs is going to stay moist and hydrated, preventing an asthma attack as much as possible.

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