Famous Athletes, Football, Basketball, Baseball Players Diagnosed with Cancer

In this blog post, we will be discussing the unfortunate diagnosis of many athletes with cancer. It’s a difficult subject to discuss because it is so sad and not an easy topic for any athlete to have to go through.

But as a society, we should know about these cases in order to generate awareness and put more pressure on doctors and hospitals to find cures for this deadly disease that affects people from all walks of life.

2017 has specifically been a tough year for professional athletes. Not only have several notable players retired from their respective sports, but there have also been some very unfortunate and tragic cases of cancer diagnoses in the world of sport.

List of athletes Diagnosed with Cancer

Jake Gibb – A volleyball player with a history of Cancer 

We are certain that this particular athlete does not need any kind of introduction. Volleyball is in his blood and he has made a mark for himself because of this game. But life had been pretty cruel to him. 

The way he was diagnosed with testicular cancer was itself a dilemma. He had to take a screening test because the management thought he was on steroids because of an insane amount of high hormones in the body. 

He eventually underwent the screening test only to find out that he was in the grip of testicular cancer. Fortunately, because of his iron will and smooth determination, he ended up beating cancer but the tragic incident stayed with him for life.

Lance Armstrong – A fateful Cyclist

So many people came into this life but only a few manage to make a mark for themselves in certain areas. One such renowned personality is Lance Armstrong. Well if you have no idea about who he is we will tell you. Lance is a world-famous cyclist who has earned many medals and achievements Which have been taken from him for illegal drug use(But this is a different story).

This contreversial guy was diagnosed with cancer that has the capacity to separate into his lungs and abdomen. However, he was fortunate enough to beat this deadly disease and is now living a cancer-free life with his family.

Mike Piazza, a Baseball player Diagnosed with cancer

Piazza is another former MLB catcher who played for the Dodgers and the Mets. He was a really good player who played for twelve years. He is the best catcher at hitting home runs, with 396. Unfortunately, Piazza was diagnosed with skin cancer in and successfully underwent surgery for that.

Jack Adams – A rugby player who got it all Bad 

A thing called life is full of twists and turns and sometimes it takes a toll on fellow humans. Who is not aware of Jake Adams, a well known rugby player. 

At one point of his life after his retirement he was thinking that maybe he is settled for life after retiring from his favourite game and getting into the management and construction business. 

But the 34 year old player did not know that sometimes life does not play fair. In June the sky fell on him when he knew that he was suffering from a rare kind of terminal cancer. 

He is battling this notorious disease and we wish him all the very best for that. We want him to stay closer to his three beautiful kids that are wishing the world for him.

Walt Mcgrory – Former Wisconsin Basketball team guard

Life also took a destabilizing turn for Mr Walt who has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. He is a charming personality known by all and sundry. He has completed a lot of games but unfortunately due to his disease he won’t be able to complete the current campaign. 

In his own words he has a long battle to fight but he is positive that with his determination and willpower he will eventually overcome this disease. We of course send him all our prayers.

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