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Golf is one of the most popular sports with more than 390 million fans worldwide.

Adaptive equipment for senior golfers

If you are also a Golf Fan and want to play it, your Disability or age should not stop you from playing it.

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There is a large variety of adaptive equipment available in the market which helps you play golf without any problem.

If you are interested, keep reading because I will share the Best Adaptive Equipment for Gold Playing Disabled & Elderly with you. Let’s get started.

Best 9 Pieces Of Adaptive Equipment for Disabled and Elderly Golfers

1. Solo Rider Golf Cars

Adaptive Equipment for Disabled
Image Source: Solo rider

Solo Rider is a popular company that makes specialized Golf Cars for Disabled & Elderly people. The best thing about these Golf Cars is that they are designed and engineered specifically according to your needs which makes them the best.

No matter what your condition is, the company can make a Golf Car which will allow you to enjoy golf. Usually, these Golf Cars come with the Adjustable Seat, which you can adjust to different angles depending on the shot you want to play.

Solo Rider Golf Cars are a bit expensive, but if you want to fully enjoy golf, then it will be a good investment. The pricing of Solo Rider Golf Cars starts at $10,000, and the pricing goes up as you add more features to the car.

2. The Eagle Claw

Grip plays a very important part in golf, and if you have a loose grip due to Disability or age, then you can experience some problems. The Eagle Claw is the golf grip device that provides great Grip and allows you to swing with accuracy.

On top of that, the unique design of the Eagle Claw provides the best Grip without restricting the movement, allowing you to play the best shot. The good thing about the Eagle Claw is that it’s very comfortable to wear.

You can also wear it on top of your golf gloves for additional comfort. Overall, if you have a problem with Grip and you want a comfortable glove with great Grip, you should consider The Eagle Claw.

3. Eagle Grip by TRS Prosthetics

Image Source: TRS Prosthetics

TRS Prosthetics is another very popular company that specialized in Adaptive Equipment for Golf. Eagle Grip is the Adaptive Equipment by the company, which allows the arm amputees to enjoy golf without any issues.

It comes with flexible grip channels, which work well with a wide range of grip styles, tapers, and sizes. On top of that, Eagle Grip comes with a Replaceable Flexible Shaft, which simulates the wrist action enhancing the overall accuracy of the shot.

Also, the material of Eagle Grip is very durable and strong, which means that it will stay with you for a long time. If you are an Arm Amputee and looking for equipment that you can use to play golf, you should consider Eagle Grip by TRS Prosthetics.

4. Greeper Laces

Greeper Laces is an awesome Adaptive Equipment that helps you easily lace up your Gold Shoes. These laces come with a patented fastening system, which makes it easier to loosen or tighten the laces.

The best thing about Greeper Laces is that they don’t get automatically undone, which means that you won’t have to worry about the laces while playing golf. It also works well with any Golf Shoes with laces.

So, if your laces automatically get undone while playing golf and you don’t want to fasten them after every hour, you should get Greeper Laces.

5. Scramble Stick

In golf, you will be required to keep track of your ball, and you will also have to pick it yourself, which can be challenging for disabled or Elderly Folks. Scramble Stick is a very useful Adaptive equipment that you can use to pick up the Golf Ball without bending over.

The best thing about Scramble Stick is that it comes in various sizes, and you can pick the size depending upon your height. The company also allows you to customize the Scramble Stick with various stickers and markings. Overall, Scramble Stick is a very useful Adaptive Equipment, and you must consider it if you are a Disabled or Elderly Person.

6. Best Shot Golf Stick by UPRIGHT’s Golf

Best Shot Golf Stick is another very useful Adaptive Equipment that you can use to pick the Golf Ball without bending over. The purpose of this equipment is very similar to the Scramble Stick, but this one comes with a different design and additional features.

The good thing about Best Shot Golf Stick is that it only allows you to pick Golf Balls but also allows you to Repair Ball Marks. In my opinion, both tools are good, but this one comes with additional functionality making it a better option.

7. Walk’n’Chair

Walk’n’Chair is another very impressive Adaptive Equipment for Gold Playing dedicated to Disabled & Elderly Folks. It’s a unique product that is a combination of Walker and Chair.

The best thing about this product is that it’s designed for All-Terrains including the Gold Course. You can easily use it over the Golf Course, and it provides a good Grip. It also comes with locking brakes and footrests, which provide additional safety.

Another good thing about Walk’n’Chair is its design which is compact and foldable, making it easier to transport. Also, it’s very lightweight, and it only weighs 35 lbs which is much lighter than other Wheelchairs in the market.

Overall, if you don’t want to spend your money on getting a specialized Golf Car and looking for something more affordable which you can use on most Terrains, you should consider Walk’n’Chair.

8. Joe’s Original BACKTEE by Upright Golf

Teeing is another process in golf that requires the player to bend down, but with this adaptive equipment, you can easily insert tee into the ground.

The good thing about Joe’s Original BACKTEE is that it comes with a unique design that allows you to insert tee, place ball, and then remove tee with a single device. On the front, you get the holder where you can put the Golf Ball and place it on the tee.

Right behind the holder, you have the dedicated space where you can put the tee and then use the device to insert the tee into the ground. Once you have played the shot, you can remove the tee by using the dedicated rubber tee pick.

Joe’s Original BACKTEE is another must-have adaptive equipment that you should get If you want to have a better Golfing Experience.

9. Para Golfer

Image Source: ottobock

Para Golfer is arguably one of the best Adaptive Equipment for Golf Playing Disabled & Elderly. It’s a specialized Golf Car/Wheelchair which is designed to help you play golf.

It comes with a very unique design that provides support to your legs and thighs while offering great stability, which you can use to play great Shots. Para Golfer also comes with a very well-balanced design which makes it easier for you to move across the Golf Course.

The equipment can also easily handle up to 140 KG person and have a speed of around 10 km/h, which is remarkable. Overall, if you are looking for great adaptive equipment that can help you play Golf, Para Golfer is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

What are the must-have items for Golfers with Disabilities?

If you are a Disabled Golfer, you will need a number of items that will help you play golf.

·        The first item is the Golf Car. Depending upon your Disability, you might need a specialized Golf Car like Para Golfer or Solo Rider, which will help you safely move on the Golf Course and give you support to play golf.

·        Secondly, if you don’t have any helper with you, it will be a good idea to use Good Laces such as Greeper Laces, which will make sure that your laces stay on and don’t get undone while you enjoy golf.

·        You will also need the adaptive equipment for teeing, and for that, I would recommend Joe’s Original BACKTEE. It’s an excellent tool that you can use to insert the tee into the ground, place the ball and then remove the tee.

·        Another item which you will need is the Golf Ball Picker, and I would recommend you to consider Best Shot Golf Stick which not only makes it easier to pick the ball without bending but also allows you to Repair Ball Marks.

·        Lastly, you will need a glove with a good Grip, especially if you have a weak grip. The Eagle Claw is a very useful glove that offers the best Grip without any compromises.

What is the Best Adaptive Golf Car for Golfers with Disability or Elderly?

There are many great Adaptive Golf Cars available in the market, but Solo Rider and Para Golfer are the best of them. Both Adaptive Golf Cars come with excellent design and functionality, which make them a great choice. In my Opinion, Para Golfer comes with a better design, and it also offers better support as compared to Solo Rider.

Is there a Wheelchair for Golf Playing?

Most Disabled Golfers prefer to use the Adaptive Golf Car for Golfing, but if you want a Wheelchair that you can use for Golf Playing, I would recommend Walk’n’Chair. It’s an excellent All-Terrain Wheelchair which you can use on different Terrains including Golf Course. Walk’n’Chair also comes with Walker functionality which allows you to walk using it. Also, Walk’n’Chair is a more cost-effective option as compared to Adaptive Golf Car.

What is the best Adaptive Golf Equipment for Arm Amputees?

If you are an Arm Amputee and you are looking for adaptive equipment that can help you play golf, you can consider Eagle Grip by TRS Prosthetics. It’s an excellent device that compensates for the second arm, and it simulates the wrist action resulting in a better swing. TRS Prosthetics also offers other adaptive golf equipment for Arm Amputees.


Golf is an excellent sport, and just because you are disabled or elderly, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this beautiful sport. You can use the recommended Adaptive Equipment to Play Golf without any compromises.

I hope that this guide proved useful for you and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to visit for more useful guides.

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