How To Cook On Crutches? 10 Best Tips




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Planning your meals, buying groceries, cooking the food, doing the dishes. That’s all that goes into cooking a meal, and it’s not easy by any means. Add crutches into the mix, and you got a concoction straight from hell. 

In simpler words, cooking with crutches is REALLY hard. Your hands have blisters, your armpits have rug burns, and your leg is sore.

That last thing you want to deal with is cooking your food. Some might say starving seems like a good option during that time. BUT, we can’t have that now, can we? 

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So here I am to help you out. Today I will go through a few tips that will hopefully make your life a lot easier. They sure helped me while I was using crutches.
Here we go!

10 Tips For Cooking On While On Crutches

Tip 1: Cook Easy Dishes 

When you have a broken leg and are on crutches, it’s not the best time to whip up some phyllo dough or a beef bourguignon, no matter how much you want, because boredom strikes again! (I mean, you could try, only if you hate yourself, who am I to stop you) 

But for real, this is the time you should stick to cooking simple and easy food. Yeah, even if you feel like a dish would be a disgrace upon your Italian grandmother, even if it’s a culinary disaster, DO IT! You need to make your life easier right now, which is the best way to do it.

Stick to one-pot dishes, like one-pot pasta (kind of like the viral TikTok feta pasta dish) or even one-pot chicken. This way, you will have easy meals that you can enjoy.

Still, you also won’t have to bother with a clutter of dishes after you have your food. If you think cooking with crutches is hard, washing dishes with crutches is he-pot.

Tip 2: Always Cook In Bulk

I know I might get some disappointing grunts with this one. Cooking with crutches is not easy by any means, and I’m asking you to cook more?! BUT it’s for your benefit.

If you cook a lot of food at once and store it, you won’t have to worry about cooking food every day or even multiple times a day. Think of it kind of like meal planning. If you are cooking chicken, cook enough for at least a few days so you can just reheat it later and have it.

If you are someone who can’t have the same thing again and again, well, either compromise… or go through the pain of cooking with crutches every time you want to have a meal. 

Speaking of meal planning, this is also a really good time to start eating healthy. Cook healthy dishes in bulk, and then you won’t have any choice except to have them until they finish.

You Don’t HAVE to do this if you don’t want to. This is for people who have been wanting to start a good diet but struggle to do so (still, you should try to put good food in your stomach so your body can recover properly)

Tip 3: Make Sure You Pack Your Supplies 

One of the biggest issues one encounters when cooking food while on crutches is that they have to go back and forth to their pantry and cooking area, gathering all that they need. And let me tell you, this is a sure way to ensure that your leg, as well as your armpits, curses at you. 

So what you can do as an alternative is grab a bag or a shopper and put everything you’ll need to cook your meals in it. This way, the number of trips you will make to the pantry will decrease enormously.

You can also use this trick for carrying your snacks. Trust me, using a backpack when you are on crutches will do you wonders. 

Tip 4: Always Use Spill-Proof Containers 

Normal crutches that are used make it near impossible to carry your food from the kitchen to the dinner table, that is, without spilling it everywhere.

So what most do is just way there fold in the kitchen, which might not be ideal for some. The meal would be uncomfortable and rushed.

Yeah, we don’t want that. So what you can actually do is use (trusty) spill-proof dishes to pack your food in. This way, even if there is a risk of dropping the containers, you can just pick them right back up.

Moreover, you can also use your trusty backpack for this. Put your container-filled food in your backpack and use your hands to use your crutches properly. See? Problem solved. 

Tip 5: Try Using A Rolling Table 

Some of you might not be happy with tip number 4. But don’t worry, I have another tip to solve your ‘taking food from the kitchen to the table.’ You can invest in a rolling table.

And for those who don’t want to spend any extra money on it, rolling chairs work really well too. Essentially, anything that has wheels to roll and a flat surface will work. Just put your food on it and roll away. 

Tip 6: Try Replacing Your Crutches 

Since crutches lead you not fully to use your hands while balancing on foot, try investing in some alternatives to traditional crutches. There are some hands-free crutches that allow you to have full mobility of your hands, all while not putting pressure on your foot.

Knee Scooters or Seated Scooters are other options you can think about. Using them will surely make your life a lot easier.

Tip 7: Accept Help

It is a time where you should put your ego and pride aside. It is the time where you should accept help, no matter how much you don’t want to. I’m not saying rely on other people 24/7 until you fully recover.

But there will be certain days where you won’t be able to fulfill your needs on your own. So when that happens, try reaching out to your family and friends for help. 

Tip 8: Don’t Rush 

Cooking takes time, especially on crutches. So you need to relax and Don’t rush the process. Enjoy as much as you can. 

Tip 9: Use An Apron 

I know some of you will come for me because not everyone is a messy cook. Well, that’s about to change. Cooking with crutches makes you a messy cook by default. So get an apron because you don’t want to deal with food stains. 

Tip10: When Nothing Works, Just Order Your Meals 

There might be some of you that might be struggling regardless of these tips. And that’s fine. Having a broken leg is not an easy thing. And on top of that, trying to live normally with crutches when you have functioned your entire life without is not an easy feat.

In that case, what you can do is just order your meals. No, I don’t mean this is a free pass to eat at McDonald’s or Wendy’s every single day. There are a lot of restaurants that offer healthy as well as tasty food that you can try. 

Adding to this, nowadays, several home cooks are making a living by pre-planning and making food for people in bulk. You can try any of these options because you have a broken leg. You can most definitely slack off and pamper yourself. 

So here you go, top ten tips when booking with crutches. I hope at least some of this helps and makes your life easier. Remember to relax and let your body heal itself before anything. Happy recovery!

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