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  • How Deaf Was Edison 

    How Deaf Was Edison And What Is The Cause? 

    So how deaf was Edison? Edison was deaf in one ear, while his second ear was also lagging, hardly detecting sounds. Amazingly, contrary to popular belief, the reason for his deafness was neither battering nor accident. The underlying reason was something very different. Explore this medical mystery here!  Also, you have to check out my…

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  • Autism Movies

    Best 16 Autism Movies To Watch In 2024

    What are the best autism movies? Let’s find out. Art, Music, and Movies are some of the unconventional ways we learn about new things in life. When nothing makes sense in our lives, a good movie can help us connect with our suppressed feelings.  Children and Adults with Autism go through emotional and social hardships…

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  • Starting A Nonprofit Organization For The Elderly

    Guide To Starting A Nonprofit Organization For The Elderly

    As the elderly population continues to grow, the need for resources and support for them is becoming increasingly important. Starting a nonprofit organization for the elderly is a noble cause that can make a significant impact on this community. If you are passionate about this cause and want to make a difference, this guide will…

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  • 4 Best Fonts for Dyslexia in Google Docs and Microsoft Word

    Google Docs and Microsoft are two of the most popular word processors, and they come with a number of fonts that you can use. They also come with many Dyslexia-friendly fonts, which make it easier for people with Dyslexia to read the text on the screen. Here is a related article that might interest you…

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  • Worst Jobs for People with Fibromyalgia

    10 Worst Jobs for People with Fibromyalgia in 2024

    There are not many jobs for people with fibromyalgia. Millions of people are affected by consistent or chronic pain and it prevents them from performing certain jobs. Whether you deal with fibromyalgia or know someone who does, it is important that you know jobs would prove to be the worst. I also have a related…

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  • Parkinson Disease and Protein Intake – A Complete Guide.

    As a personal trainer, I have been asked a lot “How much protein should I consume?”. When it comes to Parkinson’s patients this question becomes even more important so I have decided to dedicate this post to Parkinson’s patients that wondering about the right Protein intake. Here is a related article that might interest you…

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