How To Deal With Chronic Pain And Depression? 14 Proven Ways!




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I did a lot of research in order to help you to understand How To Deal With Chronic Pain And Depression.
I know that it is an issue that affecting a lot the life of the elderly and disabled people.

I will give you here all the methods that can help including new great devices that have very good recommendations from people who use them.

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Main ways to treat pain

There is no doctor in the world who can argue with a patient who claims to be in pain, even if the pain is not physical. Many illnesses and disorders cause physical symptoms as well as emotional pain.

Mental pain like physical pain is real.

Studies of pain show that when a person’s heart is broken due to unrequited love, death, etc., the pain that the person feels is real and characterized by physical pain in the chest.

Researches indicate that 30-50 percent of people who suffers from chronic pain will suffer from depression at one time or another.

How To Deal With Chronic Pain And Depression, sad man

In the physical sense, pain is defined as an unpleasant, uncomfortable, disturbing, and annoying sensation in the body.

Physical pain is caused when nerve impulses along the length and breadth of the body send pain and tissue damage messages to the brain.

The subject of pain has been studied for many years and in the field of medicine, there are many people who suffer from chronic pain for many years.

Chronic pain by general definition is a pain that continues for at least 3 months.

A pain that causes by cancer and other diseases will not count as a chronic pain.

The pain comes in order to warn the person of danger, damage or unpleasant situation.
The pain is meant to urge a person to call for help.

Congenital insensitivity to pain is a rare congenital syndrome in which a person who has it can be physically damaged and will feel no pain, this is a really dangerous disease that can shorten its life.

In general, pain is categorized as follows:

  • Acute pain: high level and intense.
    The person will usually be pale, rapid heart palpitations, sweating, A spasm of pain in the face and body and often feelings of anxiety will accompany the person.
  • Persistent pain (chronic): high level and intense but without the symptoms that characterize the sharp pain. People suffering from chronic pain tend to develop depressive disorders.
  • Acute pain in the patient with persistent pain (acute on chronic)

How To Deal With Chronic Pain And Depression?

Pain treatment will be according to the main cause of the pain, the doctor will have to find and treat the cause, but if the main cause cannot be found or the main cause cannot be removed or treated, pain can be treated in the following ways:

  1. Medications: using pain medications such as opiates.
    These drugs are given orally, to the muscle, to the veins or epidural space.
    Examples: Morphine, Codeine, Oxycodone, Methadone.
  2. NSAIDs can be purchased without a prescription.
    For example Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen), Voltaren, Naproxen and so on.
  3. Other drugs: paracetamol (Acamol, Tylenol,) and Dipiron (Optalgin, and Delgin), antidepressants medicines.
  4. Treatment with Tens – Electrical treatment by electrical stimulation to the painful area.
  5. A needle guided by fluorescence (X-rays), which helps to block various neuronal pathways in the body that cause pain.
  6. Physical therapy, physical activity, and controlled movements by a physician or physiotherapist.
  7. Pain clinics, which specialize in the treatment of pain from any kind.
    The clinics provide a personal program for each person, during which the person will learn how to deal with the pain and still live a good and quality life.
  8. Psychological support, through psychotherapy, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, biofeedback, etc.
  9. Relaxation and meditation.
  10. Treatments using Alternative Medicine, such as acupuncture, various massage methods, hot stones, etc.
  11. Self-help through guided imagery.
  12. Controlled physical activity.
    It was found that during exercise, the brain releases neurotransmitter (serotonin), which helps to increase the sense of euphoria and positivity.
  13. Using Magnets(Magnotherapy).
  14. Transplantation of Spinal Cord Stimulation.

How can I relieve my pain with advanced equipment?

Like I have mentioned in the beginning, Pain, according to the dictionary definition, is a feeling of discomfort in the body, caused by nerve impulses sending the brain a “message” that there has been an injury to the tissues of the body.

This is a completely subjective feeling that is difficult to measure, but nevertheless doctors have been able to find measures that will allow a person to define the degree of pain he feels (McGuill’s Pain Scale, Freddy’s Method), a definition that helps, at least slightly, to identify and treat the source of pain.

Chronic pain – living with pain

Sometimes people suffer from pain that does not go through any therapeutic way and accompanies the person for a period of more than six months.

Such pain is called chronic pain and it is not always possible to find the right way to treat it.

Many times the doctors’ answer to a patient suffering from such pain is that he has to learn to live with the pain.

This is an answer that can be frustrating, especially if all the options for pain management have not been tried.

So there are excellent ways that can help us “live with the pain,” such as accepting the fact that we are in pain, performing sports regularly, finding distractions from the pain on a daily basis, practicing various relaxation methods that sometimes make it easier to think positively and all the methods that I have mentioned above.

It is certainly worth to continue looking for the solution to reduce pain and even prevent them because there could well be such.

There is a pain relief

If you suffer from various pains, including chronic pain, and you think you have done almost everything to locate and treat them and nothing has helped, you should try the revolutionary way to treat pain – using the EMS + TENS device which I have added as one of the methods above.

It is a device that sends electrical impulses to the painful area and helps greatly increase blood flow in the area.

A faster flow of blood helps in renewing tissues and healing infections, thus contributing to a significant improvement in the quality of life.

The use of the device can greatly relieve people suffering from various types of pain, such as back and neck pain, muscle pain, arthritis, nausea, migraines, sports injuries and more.
In addition to all of these, the use of the device helps to cope with physical-mental conditions such as stress, insomnia and more.

Another device that can help you relieve pain is a soft laser device that incorporates 4 healing energies and helps stimulate blood circulation.

This is a high-quality device that can relieve various types of pain and is used in many pain clinics throughout the country.

Try and (probably) enjoy!

If you have not tried the device known by many as the “wonder device,” using the method of TENS, it is highly recommended to try because it is very possible that there is a solution to your physical pains, which also affect your mental state.

Many people have already tried and their quality of life has improved significantly, and they recommend that anyone suffering from pain, acute or chronic, try to use the device.

It is important to note that this is a quality device approved by the US FDA and by the European CE, so its use is absolutely safe.

Many physiotherapists around the world are already using it and recommend it warmly, as well as the soft laser device that gets great results.

If you have not tried to use either of these devices than you should give it a try.


Chronic pain is in a lot of the cases accompanied with depression. It is not always easy to find the cause for the chronic pain.

I know that it might be frustrating to deal with it but luckily we have a lot of methods that might help a lot with reducing and preventing the pain and depression.

Don’t give up! try and experiment until you will find the method that will help you.

I hope that now you know better how to deal with chronic pain and depression. Good luck and I wish that you too can say goodbye to the pain.

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