Can Use A Cane Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain?




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If you are one of the people that are using a cane and suffering from neck and shoulder pain and wondering whether it is caused by the cane use.

The answer is yes! Pain due to the use of a cane is mostly likely to occur when used for the wrong purpose or used incorrectly. It may also be due to the use of the wrong cane.

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Any pains in the shoulder or the neck while using a cane should be taken seriously and addressed to a doctor.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Caused By Cane Use

Ignoring will only make it more severe and intense and might lead to a bigger problem. It is recommended that at the slightest provocation when using a cane, you should consult a physical therapist.

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In the recent past and even to this day people have complained of shoulder pains due to continued use of canes and some of the causes are;

  • Incorrect use of the cane subjects the shoulder to pain as well as the neck pains, and this is a threat to general body health.
  • Use of the correct cane but the wrong length and height. If the cane does not fit you properly, it means that you will strain and this will lead to pains in the shoulders. The pain is as a result of exerting a lot of pressure and body weight on the arms.
  • Pain on the neck is mostly due to bending too much, and this is in a case where the waking cane is too short for the user’s height. This will lead to too much bending, which strains the neck muscles and pain develops over time.
  • Age is also another cause for shoulder and neck pains when one uses a cane. This might be a reason to consider using arm/ elbow crutches instead as their weight distribution is quite steady than on a cane. To some extend the aged are better off having a walker other than a cane. This supports their wobble walk and is stable enough to support their whole-body weight, unlike cane.
  • Weight lifting during exercise is another core reason why you may have shoulder pains and neck pains. If you go to a gym, then the best thing is to have your instructor show you the right weights to lift according to your body size and weight.
  • Use of cane on the rough cemented surface is another reason why you could get neck pains and shoulder discomforts.
  • Use of low-quality canes can lead to these pains since it does not contain the weight as expected. Therefore, the choice of the cane is very key to ensure that such problems do not arise in the future.
  • Walking for longer distances with a walking cane is also another main reason why you are having shoulder pains and neck stiffness. Walking cane is meant for aiding in short distance walks to help strengthen the weak leg or the injured leg and not for use to walk errands.
Shoulder Pain

How Then Can This Cause Of Pain On The Shoulders And Neck While Using A Walking Cane Be Prevented?

Neck And Shoulder Pain

The first step to prevention of a problem is figuring out the cause. This will make it easier for you to work towards improving the current condition to a better one, and with time, make the pain disappear completely. This may not be applicable if the pain is prolonged and severe and therefore, may need medical attention.

There are several ways in which one can use to prevent the pain from developing. These include;

  • Use of the right cane for the right purpose to avoid causing muscle tensions in the joints of the shoulders and neck region, respectively.
  • Use of medically prescribed canes for whatever walking condition you are going through. All canes should be medically prescribed to prevent risks of damaging other parts of the body while using them.
  • Normalize walking on grassed areas other than cemented places. While using the cane during exercise, grassed areas help apply less pressure on arms joints and shoulders.
  • Use the correct height of cane according to your body size and ensure its good for the condition you are in.

In conclusion

using canes is supposed to aid in walking and not bring any pains to the body. Any slight pain on the wrist or the shoulders and neck is evidence of straining and should be taken care of immediately.

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