Do You Need A Prescription To Use A Cane?




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Walking canes are always perceived as very easy to use tools, but in a real sense, they are as complicated as a technical device and need proper guidance before use.

Do you feel discomfort when walking? Are you feeling unsteady and figuring out what cane to get to help in the stability while walking?

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walking with cane

Do You Need A Prescription To Use A Cane?

Are you trying to recover from a surgery and need that support as you walk? But the main question is whether or not you need to get a cane prescription from your physician or go ahead and get yourself one.

Most of the ALJs will not give you a walking cane without some quality evidence from a physician of your condition. They usually need to verify if the use of the cane is genuine and reasonable enough for medical recognition.

walking with cane

One should get a prescription from their physician in case you need a walking cane. This is not only a good proof but also helps in having the right cane depending on the complexity of your condition.

For instance, if you have a disability, you may need proper guidance by your treating physician who knows the best cane for such a condition. You should not just go to the stores and purchase any cane of your choice.

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The choices should be laid out by a medical expert and not sellers in the store.

The first question that often asked is whether a cane or a walker is the right walking aid for you depending on your walking condition. If for example, you have one weak leg, a cane will be ideal for you but has to be medically prescribed.

Importance Of A Medically Prescribed Cane

  • It helps you know the condition of your leg and know the proper way to handle it.
  • It gives one confidence and stability while using it because it is specific to your walking problem.
  • A medically prescribed cane will not cause extra discomforts or pain to the already injured leg. It instead hastens the recovery because it is the right cane.
  • It comes in the perfect size and therefore, no straining to put it in a certain position to walk properly.
  • In a case where the pain continues in the injured leg or weak leg, the physician can know if the cane was the cause or if there are other causes.
  • Since continued use of the cane is expected to make you recover in the case of a surgery, its failure can be easily tracked and corrected.
  • What is the right size of the cane in terms of height/weight? Knowing the proper size of the cane will need medical assessment. This is due to the varying heights of people and also varying reasons to why they need the cane.

You should get fitted for the right size of cane and therefore during the medical checkup ensure that you wear your normal shoes. This way, the physician will be able to recommend the right height of the cane.

  • The medical experts help you in personalizing your cane with styles, colors and even a bag holder in other special cases.
  • A guidance is given on the correct use of the cane. With the various types of canes, it may be difficult to know how to use and when to use it. Note that, incorrect use of the cane is prone to complications and you do not recover from whatever you are ailing from.
  • Medically prescribed cane will last years since it is perfect for the condition you are in and will make you more active and fit with time.

As much as a cane is taken lightly, a lot of precautions should be taken to ensure the correct use of it, and therefore a medically prescribed cane is the best way to go. This will keep you in check and good condition all through and will not expose you as the user to any further risks.

Get a medically prescribed cane today and improve your walking for the better. End the struggle with walking problems anymore!

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