What Is The Best Walking Cane After A Knee Replacement?




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Most people are stuck when they get their knee surgery on whether to stay rested until fully recovered or get a walking cane. The best and quick way to recovery is buying the right walking cane and practising a little walk step by step to help recover.

Walking assists the new joint development and increases blood flow and circulation, giving more strength to the knee.

Here is a related article that I wrote which will help you to understand more about the different types of canes for walking.

Best Walking Cane To Use After A Knee Replacement

It takes a healthy person to follow the right way to recovery after surgery. When surgery is complete, the last thing you want is having trouble with the same part of the body again.

Before I give you a list of 5 best canes to use after a knee replacement here are some important notes.

Reasons For Knee Replacement

Many reasons get people to have knee surgeries, and their knees replaced.

For instance, a person who is into a lot of exercises and gets a bad knee will feel the pressure to replace it. Athletes and other sportspeople, e.g. bikers, are also people who get their bad knee replaced.

After the surgical procedures, walking without a stick will only lead to too much pressure on the fresh wound and may develop more complications. In such a case, the replaced knee needs some physical support for a while before it is completely comfortable on its own.

However, it is key to understand that a replaced knee will wear out over time and no walking stick/cane helps in that.

Walking Cane Helps In Recovery, Exercise And Walking Around!

During the recovery process, as stated earlier one needs the best walking cane to offer assistance with walking around the house and exercise. This is because walking is part of the workout for the knee, and walking canes are light enough even as they give the necessary support to your knee.

Some of the good quality and best walking sticks after knee replacement are made of carbon fiber. These are strong enough to carry any weight, flexible, light and absorb shocks that one may find on the walking path.

Aluminum-although, the walking canes made from these are strong and frivolous; their flexibility is not that much.

Cane-these are really strong, but medical advisors find them a little too heavy for just walking around the house or for exercise.

The Top 5 Best Walking Canes For Knee Replacement

1. Foxelli Trekking Poles

These are walking canes that can fold up, light in weight and can absorb shock. Hikers and people with walking disabilities mostly use this type. They are, therefore, perfect for knee replacement surgery recovery.

They are made of carbon fiber and therefore very light for walking around the house. Its holds are made with comfortability and thus no strain on the arm. Since they could foldup, they can be adjusted to any size to your comfort. They are also easy to carry around when travelling as they can fit into the bags.

2. Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger Trekking

As the name suggests, they are made from carbon fiber hence frivolous and good for exercise at home. They are as well good for support during hiking due to their enormous strength. They are adjustable, making them a good choice.

3. Paria Outdoor Products— Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Pole

Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Pole

This is a walking cane which is very flexible, and their name was created from the Paria Canyon in southwestern Utah. The trekking poles of this company are very popular and affordable. They are super adjustable with their sizeable to reduce up to 3 times. They are the ultimate choice of walking cane for knee replacement and are not gender-biased.

4. Trail Buddy- Walking Poles 2-Piece Pack With A Variety Of Colors

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

These are highly considered for a knee replacement recovery as they are affordable and light. They are made of aluminum. The only problem is that they do not absorb shock like the carbon fiber walking canes and not as flexible.

5. DMI Adjustable Designer Cane With Offset Handle:

Offset Handle Folding Cane

This is more of a cane and not just a walking stick. It’s stronger than the walking sticks and a little heavier. However, it allows you to lean on it. This is ideal for a recovering knee to get its support from while one walks.

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