How To Be Deaf For A Day? 




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How to be deaf for a day? Is it possible? It is a fact that you cannot make yourself entirely deaf temporarily. Your ears, in healthy condition, are unbelievably sensitive organs.

Deaf For A Day

You can hear the faintest voices in a quiet environment. They say, “We can hear a pin drop.” Well, they rightly claim. 

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In plain words, it’s next to impossible to hinder the God-gifted excellent mechanism of ears. You can’t shut them completely without hurting them.

Well, for partial low-level deafness for some time, there are certain tricks in our hat. Let’s bring them out one by one.         

How To Be Deaf For A Day? Are There Ways?

The title might be mind-boggling for you. But, yes! Some out-of-box thinkers might relish the experience of being deaf for a day. 

Deafness is not a coveted status to attain. It is a different ability that compels you to live a challenging life. Nevertheless, life is full of oddities as well as fascinations. 

Some people aspire to be deaf for a specific time. The reasons might vary, some might want to be empathetic, or some want to pause the humming world at least for themselves. 

A silent world means a treasure trove for some odd souls. They, like Thomas Edison, want to utilize their energies more positively in a serene environment, leaving no room for distractions. 

Here in this blog, we have rolled out some nifty tricks to be deaf for a day. Let’s delve deep into the world of pin-drop silence. 

Use Foam Earplugs

A friendly and easy way to make yourself partially deaf is by blocking sound waves approaching your eardrum. You can easily do this by buying foam earplugs from neighborhood grocery stores. The foam earplugs can block the sound up to 33 dB. 

As an alternative to earplugs, you can also buy a pair of noise-canceling earmuffs. Earmuffs also hinder the sound up to maximum capacities, but not entirely. 

Tinker with Bone Conduction

A competent audiologist can easily mask your hearing capacity. As ear canals are not the only way of hearing, you hear through bone conduction.

Tinker with Bone Conduction

A complicated process works behind the curtains. Sound waves transport energy; when these waves impinge the eardrum, the middle ear starts transmitting sound to the inner ear. 

Here, an audiologist can help you by masking your bone conduction mechanism. The Audiologist takes you to her lab, works behind your ear, tinkers with mastoid bone, and checks vibration at different frequencies. Finally, it sets the bone vibration on a silent frequency, leaving no room for the sound to penetrate (Reference: Bone Conduction Surgery). 

Feed your Ear with the White Noise

White noise is a noise killer. You can use earphones to feed a plethora of white noise to your ear canals through headphones or iPods. There are different white noise versions available over the internet. You can choose any. 

White noise is full of risks. It is only effective at lower levels. Accidently, if you fed your ears with higher noise-induced white waves, your delicate ear cells would be irreparably damaged. 

Once dead, these can’t be resuscitated at all. So, experiment with white noise for temporary deafness at your own risk.

Try Bee Wax

Bee wax is also a natural mold. It can easily snuggle your ear, and it can also block the surrounding sound waves. Nonetheless, it is too difficult to clean your ear from this gunk post-hearing. Multiple washes are required. 

Moreover, there are health concerns attached to its usage. Scientifically, it is unproven whether the usage is safe, especially if a fraction of wax lands inside your ear. 

Dusk of the Deaf Day

So, it is the reality that you cannot completely block the sound waves thanks to the hyper-sensitivity of your ears. But, still, some ways can bring partial deafness for the time being, i.e., for a day. 

You need to adopt the methods mentioned above with the utmost caution, as a little mistake could incur an irreparable hearing loss. Our veterans do not recommend adopting any of them for whatever compelling reason incites you to be deaf for a day. 

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