Best 15 Non-Shedding and Hypoallergenic Dogs for Seniors




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Teenagers, middle-aged, or senior, everyone wants to own a furry friend. That furry friend is a dog, more often than not. When imagining owning a dog, we all think of the good stuff: the cuddles, the kisses, and playtime. No one actually thinks about the downside of owning a dog.

Non-Shedding and Hypoallergenic Dogs for Seniors

The biggest one is that they shed A LOT. There are many people who usually have no issues with it. Still, if you are a senior, someone with allergies, or a senior with allergies, you know that’s a big issue for you.

But don’t you worry, I got your back. Today I will list down the top 15 dogs (in no specific order) that are non-shedding and hypoallergenic as well, thus making an excellent fit for seniors. So, without further ado, here we go. 

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Best 15 Non-Shedding and Hypoallergenic Dogs for Seniors

1. Maltese Terrier 

The first one on our list is the Maltese Terrier, who, believe it or not, is quite an ancient doggo species. They have been enjoying their luxury ever since the bible was a work in progress.

This cuddly, adorable fluff ball is an absolute joy to have, especially for seniors who don’t leave their house a lot. This is because Maltese Terriers tend to get separation anxiety more often compared to other breeds. They are also known for their show-stopping, lavish hair.

The best part about them is that they don’t shed a lot (or else they wouldn’t be on our list, duh!) But with that being said, they do require regular brushing and grooming, but I think that’s just extra quality time being spent with your fluffy friend.

2. West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier, or better known as Westie for short, is another adorable dog. They are smart, which makes it a bit easier to train them, and they are also very confident, which might mean that they don’t shy away from challenges.

They are also one of the most popular ones amongst all the tiny terriers, as they should be (and no, I’m not being biased whatsoever).

3. Yorkshire Terriers

Did you know that Yorkshire Terriers used to be called ratters as they would usually be in mines and mills? It’s a miracle they earned their place as lapdogs of Victorian Lady’s, considering their past, but I’m not complaining. They are great for elders to have as they don’t require much exercise.

They can be satisfied with a walk. They also don’t shed a lot, which is the main factor, especially if a senior is allergic. You cannot have a dog and NOT cuddle it; that’s just against the law.

4. Bolognese 

If you get a Bolognese and also own stuffed toy dogs, it’ll be a challenge to not confuse them with each other. This cute breed literally looks like a toy, but one that breathes eats and needs their walks. They are low energy, perfect for their senior friends, and they don’t shed a lot.

They do need brushing often, but you’ll need to do that with every dog, so it doesn’t matter. In many cases, Bolo’s are also said to be telepathic because they are really good at reading body language. Can you believe that? I certainly can’t.

5. Poodle 

Poodles are great hypoallergenic dogs. With them, you have different sizes from which you can choose according to your preference: the sizes are toy, mini, medium, and standard. Regardless of their size, Poodles are very smart and active dogs and are great for seniors who are active.

If you are elderly that are not active, a poodle might be able to change that. They are very affectionate and love their cuddly time. They also need a lot of attention because if they get bored, they might start finding ‘fun’ for themselves, which is not necessarily a great thing. 

6. Miniature Schnauzer 

The mini-Schnauzer is the smallest one out of all the Schnauzer, which you might have guessed from the name. This bearded guy (or girl) is very loyal and also has an outgoing personality. Moreover, they generally do not have any health issues as well hence live a long life. Mini Schnauzers have a wiry coat they shed from time to time, but it’s not enough to cause concern.

7. Shih Tzu 

From the big, beautiful eyes to the soft fur, Shih Tzu might be everything you want. Wherever you will find a Shih Tzu, you will find giggles (paired with a little bit of mischief), and I can attest to that personally! Many people assume that they shed a lot based on how their fur looks, but that’s not the truth. You will have to groom them from time to time, but you will not have to deal with kgs of dog hair in your house every day.

8. Lhasa Apso

The best way to describe this breed of dog is to call it…regal.  They have been present for thousands of years and have spent their time doing their part in places like monasteries in the Himalayas.

They have an elegant coat that makes you feel soft just by looking at it, or maybe that’s just me? They are very close with their family and love spending time with them, but they are closed off and detached from strangers. If you don’t like strangers as well, then I’ll say this is a match made in dog heaven.

9. Havanese

 This ball of fluff is native to Cuba. They are playful, and their cheerful chocolaty brown eyes make it very easy to get lost in them. They have also gained a lot of popularity in the United States of America in recent years because of their sweet personality AND looks. 

10. Chinese Crested

You might not have heard of a Chinese Crested, but their furry socks, fluffy tails, and spikey hair are very easy to recognize. They are VERY affectionate dogs, so be prepared to get slathered by their kisses and lots and LOTS of cuddles. If you lie alone as a senior, you will indeed not feel like it. 

11. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 

This is the first medium dog on our list. Many people have this idea that large or medium dogs shed more, but it all depends on their breed. Wheaten Terriers are very devoted and playful dogs. They are primarily Irish farm dogs. But beware, they can also have a stubborn streak; after all, they are a Terrier. They don’t shed a lot, but they need proper care to avoid matting.

12. Irish Water Spaniel 

Again, you might not be familiar with its name. Still, they are easily recognizable by their rat-like tail and fresh curly coat. They are the tallest ones from the ACK spaniel.  They are also champion swimmers. They mean business when they have to but are very affectionate when at home.

13. Afghan Hound 

If you want a BIG dog, don’t worry, I got you. Afghan Hounds are known for their aloof personality, but they are absolutely devoted to those they call their own. They might look very ‘snobbish’ as well as very legal due to their long silky hair, but they are very sensitive and loving by nature. 

14. Bouvier des Flanders 

Nowadays, dogs are treated delicately, laid on the softest silk, having toys made of raw cotton…you get the gist, but this breed is built differently. They are string and Bruley and are used for various purposes. They make excellent watchdogs because of their loyal and protective nature, which is really needed, especially for seniors that live alone. 

15. Kerry Blue Terrier 

This beautiful breed is very well known for its blue coat, which the name gives away. They are named after the Irish country they belong to and worked in farms most of the time. Now they are used as dutiful watchdogs and as another caring member of the family. 

So here you go, from small to medium, to big, here are the best top 15 non-shedding as well as hypoallergenic dogs that seniors can own. Some of these acts as your day-to-day companion to cuddle and relax with. Whereas others stay on the watch so YOU can relax.

The most important thing to keep in mind before getting any dog is that you will need to take care of it and groom it quite often because that is just how dog fur works. Just because certain breeds don’t shed a lot does not mean they don’t require care of their coat.

That being said, less shedding does make your life a lot easier, especially in terms of keeping your house clean and fur-free (well, as much fur-free as you can while owning a dog).

So now that you have this list in front of you ( in no specific order), what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a dog and spend quality time with them. Woof Luck!

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