How Can Deaf Parents Raising Hearing Child

How Can Deaf Parents Raise Hearing Children?

How can deaf parents raise hearing children? Let’s find out. Raising children has always been a challenging task. Parenting worldwide is considered to be one of the essential factors in human development and growth. Things become even more difficult if the parents suffer from hearing difficulties or are completely deaf. 

Deaf children can raise hearing children in different ways like learning sign language, hiring interpret, and using aid. Let’s find out more ways in detail. 

Raising Healthy Children – How do deaf parents raise hearing children?

Children of deaf adults also referred to as CODA, are completely healthy and have a sound hearing ability. Research has shown that 90% of the children worldwide who are born to deaf parents can hear quite efficiently. They are completely normal. 

However, raising these children is a hectic task because parents who are deaf have very few job opportunities. Companies need to hire extra interpreters, which might cost them more, and even on special quota seats, they do not have many options available. 

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But worry, not even if the world looks bleak and sorrowful. There is always a way out, a flicker of hope that becomes a rainbow after the rain. 

Here are some of the essential ways many parents adopt worldwide when raising their hearing children.

It is not easy! Challenges and hurdles are a part of the parenting process.

Yes, parents struggle a lot on their journey to becoming good parents. Life is extra hard for them. One major challenge is to find a daycare program or babysitter that could communicate with deaf parents and children. Lack of community support is another hindrance for them. 

Many people in society believe that they should not be allowed to raise a family because of their disability. People hold prejudice against them. Apart from that, there are many familial complications as well. 

While growing up, normal children feel frustrated when parents cannot understand whatever they are trying to say. They scream or yell and usually turn out to be aggressive individuals. They also feel a lack of confidence, and they have a constant urge to be seen or heard. 

There are also cases in which children take advantage of their parents’ disability. They try to indulge in illegal activities or usually sneak out of their house.

They show a reluctance to obey whatever their parents order them to do and usually misbehave with them. They are quite rude sometimes, and 1 to 1 conversations never occur; they always need a third-party interpreter to communicate between them.

What Are Some Ways Parents Have Adopted To Raise Their Hearing Child?

American Sign Language:

Many couples have learned American Sign Language to communicate with each other. They teach the same to the children.

Special classes are taken, and instructors are hired to build a communicative bond between parents and children with the help of hand movements and gestures.

Support Groups and Organizations

Many support groups and networks of organizations support families with deaf members, whether they are parents or children.

They have collective group activities where families interact to understand each other. Different measuring techniques or strategies are adopted to bridge the gap between deaf parents and hearing children.

Book/ Article Reading

What Are Some Ways Parents Have Adopted To Raise Their Hearing Parents

Deaf parents can always share specially designed books with their children. Books can help develop a wider perspective and a better understanding of the conflicts existing between parents and children. 

Many journals, articles, and research work are done on deaf parents who can use these as reference material to understand themselves as a parent with hearing loss and the problems that their hearing children might be facing because of them. This technique can prove to be quite fruitful both for parents and children.


Testimonials and sharing of life stories or autobiographies can help people understand their side of the story, the problems they’re facing, the conflicts they are enduring, and they love to wish to share with their children can all be experienced in their life and how they are managing to raise their families.

Hiring Interpreters

Children who are blessed with perfectly sound hearing abilities mediate between two cultures. The culture of the hearing normal world and that of the deaf culture. Hiring an efficient interpreter can help them understand the world between these two cultures.

He can be that grey medium binds both black and white strands of deaf and healthy people. Many people worldwide hire and pay interpreters to communicate with their children.