How Did Marilyn Monroe Go Deaf?




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How did Marilyn Monroe Go deaf? Let’s find out  The enchanting beauty icon Norma Jean, known as the famous Marilyn Monroe, changed the face of the entire beauty industry.

Marlyn Monroe Go Deaf

Her blonde locks captivated the hearts of many millions. And perhaps you might be one of them or have known her through her iconic blowing white skirt short. 

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Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe had stardust in her ears! Yes, she was Deaf. She got deaf due to suffering from synesthesia.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe? How Did She Go Deaf? 

Wait. What? Don’t you know who she is? Damn! You’re missing out!. An empowered woman that made her way from rags to riches lived a life of fame and luxury with cameras and paparazzi following her through all walks of life. 

Yet that’s not all! There’s a lot to the story. So grab your cups of coffee, and get ready for a roller coaster ride that will unveil some significant milestones of Monroe’s life. Let’s find out all about her.

All About Marilyn Monroe?

Born on 1st June 1926, Norma Jean was raised by foster parents in an orphanage. Her mother was sent to an asylum because she had multiple psychological disorders. 

Belonging to a broken family, Marilyn Monroe suffered from a traumatic childhood which led her to marry at a very young age of 16; her first marriage was to an aircraft factory worker; it only lasted a few years. After struggling financially and socially, she started a modeling career in 1944. 

Who Was Marilyn Monroe

There was so much appeal and mesmerism in her beauty that she captivated all the people around her. And eventually signed the contract with the mighty 20th century fox around in 1946.  She blasted the screen with her exceptional performances and modeling nude for a calendar in 1949. She became the blonde bombshell of the industry and was cast in many movies with his contract with Fox entertainment.

Movies such as Love Nest, Monkey Business, Niagra, How to Marry a billionaire, gentlemen prefer blondes, etc., showcased her glamorous talents. In 1956, Arthur Miller, a renowned American writer of Crucible and Death of a Salesman, was love-struck by Monroe’s charm, and they got married. 

Many fantastic performances were ahead of her, yet she faced some crucial setbacks in life. Her last role written by Miller was in the Misfits. But to the audience’s surprise, the couple ironically broke up just a week before the film was supposed to premier. During that time, Monroe suffered from clinical depression and was constantly under the care of her psychiatrist.

In 1962 Monroe was found dead in her bedroom. The autopsy report stated that a drug overdose led to her suicide. Yet many believe that the cause of Death was Robert Kennedy. He was having an illicit affair with her. And due to all the public attention that the couple might have gotten was the reason behind her brutal murder. 

Whatever the reason might have been, Marilyn Monroe was considered a public commodity. She not only suffered in health but at heart too. Yet she became a great representative of feminism. However, she was constantly cast down for the roles that only commoditized her beauty or were sexually eroticized. Yet, she stands out against all odds and still represents women as a beacon of light, ambition, and power.

Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe had stardust in her ears! Yes, she was Deaf. Wondering Why? Let’s Find out!

Marilyn Monroe was diagnosed with synesthesia, a sensory disease in which the five senses mixed up. When a person is suffering from synesthesia, then he shows contrary emotions. For instance, where he needs to express his sense of hearing, he uses his sight.

To be more precise, you call someone’s name, and instantly you see a specific color or taste of a particular thing come to mind. It means that all the senses are perceived together. Monroe, as a synesthete, suffered a lot not just because of this disease but also the social perceptions of people associated with it.

What’s Synesthesia?

The disease has its origin in Greek as it means a synthesis of sensations.

Well, we won’t call it a disorder or syndrome; instead, it is a condition that is very rare among people. The patient sees or hears a word; he tastes food or associates it with a shape. He might feel an object and hear the sound and associate sounds when experiencing a smelling scent.

How Did Marilyn Monroe Went Deaf?

In the biographical accounts of Monroe in 1973, Mailer states that one evening when Monroe was served peas and carrots, she admired the colors. She called herself the one who connects seeing things while hearing sounds. 

Marilyn experienced the world with a unique perspective as she could associate things with multiple emotions much better than other people did. Many admired her aspirated voice and considered it one of her wonderful, valuable traits. However, it was just a defense mechanism against her stutter. 

She went through speech therapy and struggled a lot due to her hearing impairment. However, she tried to overcome her disability and became one of the best actresses and singers in history. However, she relapsed in her final movie, “ Something’s Got to Give, which got her fired.

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