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When you or your loved one is discharged from the hospital or healthcare unit, some adaptive equipment is required to aid in homecare wellness.

The occupational therapist gives directives on what the patient should do, avoid, or work with while at home. Among this adaptive equipment is toileting wiping and bathing equipment for homecare.

These directives given help the patient and their family at large be in a conducive environment and a fully accessible one in terms of adaptive equipment. The occupational therapist provides recommendations depending on the level of functional mobility. 

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In a case where you are focusing on the adaptive equipment for the bathroom, toileting wiping and bathing equipment are always very crucial to consider. This is because the patient has certain limits that he/she should be highly cautious about, e.g., stretching limitations, bending and twisting boundaries, risks of falling, etc.

This adaptive equipment for toileting wiping and bathing assists the patient with showering their own body or using the toilet without any other physical aid. 

What Are Some Of The Adaptive Equipment For Toileting Wiping And Bathing?

Toileting is a very private affair that requires total independence. However, this might not be the case when one has somebody’s difficulties. Getting an adaptive toileting aid is, therefore, an excellent idea for such people.

 Adaptive toileting wiping equipment determines the independency and how to secure the patient is at a home setting. It also makes the patient feels secure, even with no caregivers around.

People who have to bend and twisting problems have had therapists recommend toileting wiping equipment to aid in their toilet activities. This eases the pain caused by their condition; hence the adaptive equipment works best. These tools have made life easier for people with disabilities.

 Other people, such as the elderly and those with reduced reaching ability, are also alleged to adaptive toileting wiping equipment.

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1. Sponge bathing stick/Long-handled brush/comb

Do you experience problems while you have to try bending or doing an activity that makes you twist your lower body? That is the right adaptive equipment for you.

A sponge bathing stick is a piece of adaptive equipment for bathing that makes things easier when bathing. It is used by an individual with bending problems and gives aid to reach your back and legs and even behinds.

You can find a variety of long-handled bath sponges here on the bath sponges page.

This adaptive equipment for bathing also helps when you are cleaning the upper part of your legs comfortably without straining. The sponge bathing stick makes you be liberated to almost 100% independence.

With this, you will require very minimal to almost no aid from a person at all as you bathe. Sponge bathing stick gives an individual modified liberation.

2. Long tissue tongs 15 inches

This is a toileting wiping aid that assists in reaching the toilet paper after they have used the bathroom. It gives the patient/the disabled person ultimate privacy as well as good hygiene.

More details about this product are available at the tissue tong page with their prices.

3. CSN2650 Travel toilet aid

This is a toileting wiping equipment composed of a bent metal handle. It has a head that is shaped with plastic and with sunken roughness to help grasp is a lightweight, adaptive toileting wiping equipment; therefore will not be a burden to the patient.

Click at this link to find the product and its details CSN2650 Travel toilet aid.

4. The folding CSN2652 Folding travel toileting wiping equipment

This is a 10-inch toileting wiping equipment that is ideal for a patient while traveling. That’s is because it folds up to 3 or 4 inches. Why strain while traveling when you have a perfect aid for your toileting wiping needs. 

If the individual is not able to achieve toileting cleanliness by themselves, then more than 30% of toileting aid is required. This is mostly encountered where the patient cannot go certain inches when bending, exposing them to risks. This adaptive equipment does the magic of helping in wiping.

Visit Folding Travel Toilet Aid at the for such products. Note that if the packaging is opened, no returning.

5. Adjustable advantage toilet seat

This adaptive toileting aid gives a sumptuous feel and total independence to the patient or disabled person. Their experience is quite comfortable, according to reviews and expert recommendations.

6. Commodes toileting wiping and bathing equipment

Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode –
Click on the image to check it on Amazon

These are toileting wiping and bathing aids that assist in taking showers in the bathroom. They come in either static form or portable/ mobile commodes.

Mobile commodes help even when one is traveling or moving to move with it, making it economical. For instance, these are quite a variety, raised commode shower chairs, bariatric commodes, and commode cushions. Etc.

This is a special kind of adaptive equipment for lower body dressing that comes in different types and has different uses—for instance, the stationary commode and the 3-in-1 commode.

The stationary commode adaptive equipment is commonly used in a case where your lower body gives you trouble when using the bathroom is therefore kept next to the bed and contains a bucket which can be emptied on the toilet.

The 3-in-1 commode has handrails that make it adjustable, comfortable to sit on, and can be assembled and dissembled. This adaptive equipment can be placed in the toilet or next to your bed. It’s back is open, to allow you to take off the bucket and place the commode over the toilet as required.

A popular 3-in-1 commode on Amazon

7. Raised and cushioned toilet seats

Raised and cushioned toilet seats are an excellent adaptive toileting wiping and bathing equipment that make that replaced hip feel more comfortable as you sit on the toilet. It offers support by being raised too much bending.

That is a very important adaptive equipment, especially for people who have had their hip replaced. The raised toilet seat is an assistant when getting on and off the toilet.

It is a very useful adaptive equipment as it prevents you from bending, which strains the hip muscles as you sit.

Do you have problems getting to the toilet seat? That is the best adaptive equipment for you. It gives them the support and strength you require.

This way, the toileting aid makes the patient independent while using the toilet because they can do it independently. To get this product, click on the Raised Toilet Seats page and know more about the product and its prices.

8.  High and low back toilet supports

This is a category of toileting wiping adaptive equipment that offers a variety of accessories. They are specially designed to give the ultimate safety and comfort while you use the toilet.

They come in different sizes and shapes. These specific shapes and sizes are according to the disability one suffers from. For instance, if the patient requires an arm, foot, or full-body support, it is all sorted.

They are of high quality, and their prices vary according to the toileting equipment you choose and its flexibility and comfortability.

Find these products at

9. Urinals and bedpans

These are specially made to make the patient feel comfortable and confident. This adaptive toileting wiping aid is uniquely designed to help the user discreet and distinguished, providing full independence to the user and offering numerous toileting aids.

Each toileting aid is specific to your issue and can be used for travel purposes. To find these products at incredible prices and deals, click at

10. Toilet seat with A Bidet

This is a unique adaptive toileting wiping and bathing equipment that maintains cleanliness in the bathroom.

It is easy to use and helps with rear and front(feminine) washing after use and therefore gives safety and security to people who cannot bend to clean themselves. It gives users privacy since no caregiver is needed to clean themselves after use.

11. Reacher

Reacher can be used to pull up the pants; therefore, it is a perfect toileting aid. It helps one have privacy in the toilet, and it is affordable.

It is lightweight and made of durable materials. It has comfortable handles and stretches long enough to serve you well.

Activities such as squatting to get hold of the pants or wipe yourself require adaptive toileting equipment. This is because this bending can lead to pain sensations and also cause discomfort to the patient. This is why a Reacher is recommended by therapists to aid in pulling up the pants.

Do not strain your back or a replaced hip when there is a toileting aid to help in staying safe and avoid injuring yourself. Find a Reacher at at affordable prices and amazing qualities.

12. No rinse Products

In case you are traveling or just having a hard time trying to take a bath due to a disability, a no-rinse product is a great way to keep clean and maintain good hygiene.

Check out for no-rinse products on no-rinse products page.

13. Bathroom Bath, Shower Chairs and transfer benches

An example for a very popular shower chair on Amazon

In case you are having a problem standing while in a shower, these shower chairs are offering a good solution.

A tub transfer bench is an adaptive equipment for the lower body, especially those who have a problem with getting in or out of the bathtub.

A popular transfer bench on Amazon by Drive Medical

The following steps are a guide on how to use the tub transfer adaptive equipment for the lower body.

·         Step on to the edge of the bathtub and turn around. Ensure that the bench touches the back of your knee.

·         Slowly get yourself seated on the bench.

·         While seated, turn to face the front of the tub and then lift your legs over the edge of the adaptive equipment. Be careful not to strain the lower body, e.g., a replaced hip.

·         Follow the step backward to get off the extended tub bench adaptive equipment.

They come in many styles – check them out here.


The toileting wiping equipment is beneficial as it gives the caregiver and the patient that personal space and sense of dignity.

When you have analyzed the level of toileting aid the patient requires to be comfortable, then you are good to purchase these products according to the patient’s condition. If they can perform their hygiene, it means that they are going to need just a little assistance with the adaptive equipment.

We hope that you find this article interesting and helpful as a patient or family to a patient. Always make sure the equipment fits the patient’s needs and not the patient fitting into the needs of the product.

Be well informed and carry out proper research on the adaptive equipment for toileting wiping and bathing online before choosing one.


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