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There are lots of helpful handicapped equipment for vehicles, in this article, I will try to pay attention to the most important ones and also to give you my favorite awesome pieces of equipment that I have found after lots of research that I have made.

There are innumerable accessories in the market for handicapped vehicles because the handicapped population in America is large, significant, and, not less important, quite active.

Many handicapped people in America do not give up the driving experience, and we can see all over the country handicapped of all kinds and types, driving cars and road vehicles.

For all of this great public, countless accessories have been created that make life easier.
In this article, we will talk about the growing field of handicapped equipment for vehicles.

What Is The More Important Handicapped Equipment For Vehicles?
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For handicapped vehicles, whether war disabled, handicapped as a result of road accidents, nursing people or any other person with any disability, there are innumerable accessories designed to help the disabled person drive the vehicle in a convenient and safe manner.

Accessories designed for disabled vehicles are divided into two main categories: car driving control accessories, despite the physical limitations, and accessories designed to aid a more basic purpose, accessibility – entry, and exit.

Accessories That Contribute To Vehicle Accessibility

Vehicle accessibility also includes a number of accessories, including the possibility of lowering the floor and lifting the roof, an electric opening to the door, a transfer plate that allows the transition from the wheelchair to the higher driver’s chair, a folding electric step to the entrance to a relatively high car and of course elevators.

One of the most important accessories is, of course, the accessory that helps the disabled person enters the car – the transfer plate/tip up plate.

This accessory aids in the efficient and quick lifting of the disabled person from a wheelchair to the driver seat and vice versa, therefore, it is an extremely important accessory.

Moving from the height of the wheelchair (which is obviously on the ground) to the height of the driver’s chair must be carried out in a convenient and efficient manner and for this purpose, the transfer plate is designed.

It should be noted that not all disabled people need this equipment and there are quite a few disabled people who manage to move to the driver’s seat on their own (or by means of special handles installed in the vehicle).

The Second Important Accessory Is The Lift

The importance of a lift for the handicapped and how it works

The importance of the lift is great.

With it, it is possible to raise the handicapped wheelchair to the vehicle in case there is a space or to the roof of the vehicle.

Without the lift, it would not have been possible to store the wheelchair in the car and the handicapped would have had to leave the wheelchair. Which would have been a real problem when getting off the car at the end of the trip.

Therefore, it is a very essential tool that makes it very easy for the daily routine and enables the functioning of one wheelchair that comes with its owner everywhere.

The Way That A Lift Works

There are two types of lifts: a mechanically moving lift on rails and one that moves automatically.

The wheelchair is placed on a metal surface that, at the press of a button, rises from the sidewalk or road, and then the platform rises slowly and safely until it reaches the height of the vehicle.

When the wheelchair reaches the vehicle it is attached to internal safety mechanisms through which it is kept in place during the trip.

Pressing the button again folds the lift in half. So it does not take up too much space in the car and does not cause the field of vision to be hidden from the driver.

Adjusting The Vehicle To The Disabled With The Help Of Accessories

Disability is a general definition and includes different types of disabilities.

In order to equip a vehicle with the appropriate accessories, it is necessary to know precisely the limitations and needs of that person.

The vehicle’s accessories include a removable mechanism for raising the pedal of the vehicle, a steering wheel knob – a device designed to control the steering wheel for the drivers who are unable to hold it in both hands, a remote control that helps to turn on the lights.

For more severe limitations such as a limitation on the legs and feet, available to the driver, mechanism for manual control of the pedals of the vehicle, or voice activation for the various vehicle systems and more.

In addition, there are other important accessories such as various means of storage for wheelchairs, special accessories for wheelchairs such as straps, belts, anchors and more.

And, of course, there are a wide variety of products that assist the disabled population in the driving itself – mechanical driving systems, left foot pedal, steering aids, advanced hand mechanisms and this is only a partial list.

The companies involved in this important field are doing everything in order that the handicapped public will be as comfortable as possible, and every year new and sophisticated products are launched to the market, whose sole purpose is to ease the lives of the disabled and allow them to behave just like everyone else.

One of the accessories that I have found as extremely helpful and beneficial(and cheap too) is the Freedom Staff 2.0 Handicap Driving Hand Controls, this brilliant equipment turns any vehicle from any brand into a hand-controlled vehicle.

Not long ago such technology required installation in special companies and it cost lots of money, the freedom staff 2.0 can be easily installed by anyone and it also can be removed easily so no need to buy an extra car and spend lots of money.

I have checked quite a few driving hand controls systems and this one is my favorite due to its easy installation and great price of just 269$.

It also comes with a Steering wheel knob for an easy one-hand steering. You can check it on Amazon here.

How To Choose Handicapped Equipment For Vehicles?

When choosing car accessories, choose the type of disability, of course.

There is no need for a transfer plate if the disabled person can pass by himself to the driver’s seat, and there is no need for a lift if the disabled person does not have a wheelchair at all.

It is important to consult with experts in the field in order to make a perfect match between the type of disability and the car accessories.

Some of these accessories are expensive and therefore you should choose them carefully (and of course also carry out a comprehensive market survey).

Choosing accessories for each vehicle is a complicated matter and even more so when it comes to a vehicle designed for the disabled.

In the age in which we live, the choice is especially great in the field of vehicles and in the relatively limited range of vehicles for the disabled.

Consider factors such as the type of disability, the desired size of the vehicle, the expected use of the vehicle, the possible driving method, and more.

Even the desired specification of the vehicle is important and therefore consultation with a professional is highly recommended.

The more carefully you purchase the car accessories, the more inquiries (both the type and price of the accessories), the more likely you will be to provide the disabled vehicle with the best possible condition for the disabled person driving the vehicle

Keep The Trip Safe

In order for a vehicle to serve as a transportation vehicle for the disabled, it must be fully equipped with all the accessories and safety measures that will enable the transportation of the disabled person in safety, from the moment he is taken to the vehicle, through his stay with his wheelchair until the moment he descends with the wheelchair from the vehicle.

I hope that I helped you with finding important handicapped equipment for vehicles. I have also a related article that you might find interesting about the best cars for handicapped, read it here.

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