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I can say this with complete confidence that for most of us, waking up in the morning is an absolute nightmare. No matter how loud the alarm is blaring, if you are anything like me, you can sleep through anything, and I mean anything! 

I can also say with surety that a lot of us have wasted almost our entire days because we are too busy sleeping. Of course, this does not apply to people who wake up in the morning feeling as fresh as the grass after a rainy day. 

But have you ever wondered if it is so hard for you to wake up, regardless of all the alarms and whatnot? How do deaf people wake up? They do not have the ability to hear the alarm, so what exactly do they rely on to wake them up? Well, the answer to the question is they take “it takes an earthquake to wake me up” to a whole new level. 

In the past, deaf people had to rely on the sun to wake them up every morning. However, that’s not very practical, is it? I mean, what if a deaf person lives in Norway during the polar night?

During that time, the sun does not rise for literal MONTHS! How are they supposed to rely on sunlight to wake them up? But now, due to advanced technology, deaf people have access to all sorts of technology and gadgets.

These gadgets do their best to make their life as close to ‘normal’ as they can. This way, they do not have to rely on impractical things in their day–to day life, like using the sun as your makeshift ”alarm clock’.

Buyer’s Guide for Vibrating Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired People

When buying a vibrating alarm clock, whether that’s because you have a hearing disability or because you are a heavy sleeper, there are a lot of things you need to look into. 

Sound And Light Option

Some vibrating alarm clocks come with the option of sound and/or LED lights. Some people are fine with just the vibration, whereas some people need sound or LED lights with it. So do your research and see what would fit you the best.

Although these opinions can be intrusive if you live with someone else, if they are either willing to compromise or are also hearing impaired, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, talking about light, it is best to get alarm clocks with diffused lights because sudden brightness when you wake up is not the most pleasant feeling. If you cannot find an option with diffused light, then make sure the light is facing away from you.

Your Budget 

You need to see how much you are willing to spend on a vibrating alarm clock. They can be either as cheap as 25 dollars or can go up to 150 dollars. It all depends on the company and the features they have. Some of them, however, might just be expensive all because of the companies ‘name’ so be sure not to get tricked by that.

Do your research properly. There are many money-friendly alarm clocks that work beautifully, and then there are some expensive ones that are just mediocre based on their price. So do not just base your decision on the price and allocate a maximum amount you are willing to spend.

The durability of The Gadget 

This is the part where reviews are critical. Do these alarm clocks work properly? How long do they last? What are the pros and cons? Are they even worth getting? A person has all these questions before buying something, and these questions can be answered by people who have already purchased the gadget and have also reviewed them.

Moreover, you also need to look into the experience people had when it comes to shipping, customer service, and even when returning the product. You do not want to be stuck with a company that will just empty your pocket and then leaves you on ‘read.’

Talking about gadgets, there are thousands of options deaf people can choose from. They can decide which option fits their needs the best. So, without further ado, here are the best gadgets of 2024 that deaf people can use as their reliable source to wake up.

Best Waking Up Gadgets For Deaf People

1. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock That Comes With A Bed Shaker 

Welcome to the world of vibrating alarm clocks, the most reliable gadgets deaf people use to wake up. I know the name sounds a bit scary, but this alarm clock will surely get you out of your bed. It had an accurate loudspeaker for those who can only hear loud noises.

Apart from that, it also comes with a bed shaker (called a super shaker). All you have to do is put the device under your pillow or anywhere on your bed and set the time you want to wake up. If you struggle to wake up even with loud noises, the vibrations will surely do the work for you.

AND if the siren level volume along with the powerful shaking motion is not enough to wake you up, this gadget also has a feature for LED lights, so the combination of all three will work perfectly for you.

All the settings are adjustable in the clock. You can change the volume, vibration, and light settings according to your needs and requirements. Moreover, you can also choose the duration for the alarm as well as the snooze. Great, isn’t it?

2. Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

The extra loud alarm clock is next on our list. Some of its features are similar to the Sonic Bomb alarm clock, but then there are some features that set it apart and bump it to the top of the list.

This Extra Loud alarm clock indeed lives up to its name. It allows you to set the alarm for two different times, so if you have a partner that you share a bed with, both of you can wake up on your own time.

The volume, as well as the vibration, has three different levels that you can choose from. But the best part is that the vibration along with the sound gradually increases each time you snooze.

This alarm clock also has a dual USB port which allows you to charge your phone as well. That’s pretty neat if I do say so myself. It is also portable, which many people love, and also has a long wire, so you do not have to deal with the hassle of extension boards. Moreover, the easy-to-read and bright LED lights are also a plus. 

3. Shake-N-Wake Watch (Don’t Wake The House)

If you want an alarm clock that won’t wake up the entire house, Shake-n-wake’s Don’t Wake The House just might be perfect for you. If you have a roommate, a partner, or even kids, then using an alarm clock with a blaring siren might not be the best idea.

This vibrating alarm clock watch does a fantastic job of getting you out of your bed. You can also add sound along with the vibration if you want. It is also lightweight, so it will not annoy you at night.

Along with that, it also has LED lights so you can see the time if you sleep in the dark. The initial setup might be a bit difficult for some, but if you can look past it, this cost-effective and sleek designed vibrating alarm clock watch is impressive. 

4. Homtime Loud Alarm Clock And Wireless Bed Shaker

This alarm clock and bed shaker has made it to the list because of their superb value. It has powerful vibrations that are also wireless. They will wake you up in no time. Not only that, but it also has gesture-activated night lights so that you can see things at night.  Moreover, it can also connect to any of your iOS devices.

So here you go, everything from what you need to look into when buying a vibrating alarm clock to three of our best picks-all based on varying needs. Although this decision might not be a big deal for some, for those who really need the help, a wrong choice could be a huge problem.

They cannot have their alarm clock give up on them right when they need it the most. So if  I or any of these companies can make their sleep even a bit more peaceful, then we will do all that we can. Happy sleeping!

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