Occupations You Should Detest With A Broken Arm




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As if being in a sling wasn’t hard enough, having a broken arm can be bad news. Especially for people of certain professions, you realize that you may not be able to manage professional life with a broken arm.

Detest With A Broken Arm

It adds another considerable challenge to the list of challenges you will face as you figure out new ways to manage basic daily life tasks with one less arm to work with. 

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You may have to figure out a way to make ends meet till you can get back to the sling-free life or figure out what to do till you recover.

Occupations You Should Detest With The Broken Arm

If you have a broken arm and find your line of work in the list below, you may want to set a schedule for weeks to follow as your arm heals.


A broken arm is undoubtedly bad news for someone who lives alone, as it can be challenging to cook with one hand. But what if you have to cook for yourself and many others as your job? Well, that means you have it worse than others with broken arms.

Not only is it a profession that involves a physical strain to some extent, but unlike someone that can rely on frozen and microwaveable meals, you have to put together a meal with the raw ingredients from scratch.

Activities like kneading dough or stir-frying the chef’s way with heavy pans can become tough cookies to crack.


Whether your niche of sports is an indoor sport, outdoor sport, water sports, gymnastics, or anything related to strenuous physical activity is an absolute no-go when you have an injury like a broken arm.

Not only will your doctor and coach(es) not allow you to do so, but it is also quite impossible physically.

For sportspersons, staying fit by exercising daily is not something that needs to be said explicitly. That is precisely where the trouble begins, as you must quit all activities that involve pulling, pushing, straining yourself, or getting your cast wet with water or sweat to ensure it doesn’t slow down or interfere with the healing process.

Software Developer

Life as a coder and programmer can be straining on your wrists as typing is an essential requirement of your profession. That’s why it can be challenging to figure out your way around life with a broken arm, as you will be unable to type with one hand.

Software developers have to write long strings of code and multiple programs at that too, which means that it is a job that fundamentally requires the most typing compared to other professions. That is why it is a demanding profession to manage with a broken arm and only one hand to type.

Surfers and Scuba Divers

One of the first things your orthopedic doctor will tell you about taking care of your broken arm is to keep it away from water and ensure it doesn’t get wet. That’s where the trouble begins for professional and scuba divers; the job entails getting into the water.

If you’re someone that does competitive surfing or professional scuba diving as an instructor, breaking an arm can mean a hiatus for you for an indefinite period as your arm heals till your cast comes off. Even afterward, you must take extra precautions to prevent further trouble.


A physiotherapist is someone you will need to see regularly if your fracture is more severe and needs therapy as they get your bone to move comfortably again. However, if you’re a physiotherapist yourself, you’ll probably need some time off till both your arms are back on duty.

Since the job description involves therapeutic exercises that involve physical strain, it will put you in a tough spot as you cannot help your patients. It is a physically demanding job that is difficult to manage in a cast. 


The two steps related to writing are 

  1. Creatively thinking of something that may interest readers, and
  2. Please put it on a piece of paper using ink in a pen or ink in a printer. You must either write by hand or type it on a device for both methods.

Both the processes require the use of hands, and while handwriting drafts may be easy if you’re lucky enough to have your dominant hand intact, it may not always be the case.

Besides, typing requires the use of both hands, which requires both arms, but if one of your arms is broken, then you’re in for a challenge,

Travel Blogger

Traveling does not require using hands or arms, as you can drive with one hand and two legs- and hike with two legs alone. But that’s not the real problem. If travel is an essential part of your profession and you happen to break your arm, you might face unexpected difficulties.

Regardless of your passion for traveling and outdoorsy activities, the discomfort will limit you and make otherwise exciting experiences uncomfortable for you. Also, strict doctor’s orders to keep your cast dry will keep you from activities involving water or sweat.


This is perhaps the one profession where the professional has someone’s life or death in their hands. Even the slightest tremor could cripple a patient, rupture an artery or vein that causes significant blood loss or cause paralysis.

That is why it is the most detestable profession for someone with a broken arm, as you can not be trusted with human life in any condition less than your best. As a surgeon, a broken arm means a complete hiatus and work break until you recover fully and perfectly. 


Nursing may not be a profession involved in care as critical as that expected of a surgeon, but it is still an occupation to detect if you have a broken arm. Nursing involves taking care of patients of all ages requiring different levels of care, which can not be managed by someone who needs care.

So if you’re affiliated with the nursing profession, you should take some time off and let your broken arm heal. It may create a gap in your daily life as you miss out on a big chunk of your routine, but it is for the best so you can get back to your patients and give them the best care.


Woodwork is a profession that requires skillful use of both hands and a ton of exertion to create something out of mere planks of wood. Since it is a profession requiring physical labor, the temporary absence of one hand can make it difficult and even unsafe to get things done.

It puts you at significant risk of hurting yourself with the many potentially harmful tools involved in carpeting, especially hammers, saws, and nails. For a carpenter in a sling, it can be an extremely detestable profession to work around with one hand and arm only.


Breaking an arm can be bad news if you take care of kids as a profession. While the seriousness of the situation depends on the age(s) of the child or children you work with, it can be tough to manage with just one arm.

However, if you’re working with newborns or very young kids that you may need to carry, feed or take outdoors, it is a very detestable occupation as it is unsafe for both you and the child if you’re in a sling. To ensure the safety of both parties, it is best to take a break till you’ve recovered.

Experimental Scientific Researcher

If your job is to work with chemicals and other substances that may or may not be harmful, you need to consider taking time off seriously. It is the best option if you’ve been unfortunate enough to break an arm. It is not a job requiring physical labor or exertion, but given the nature of work, it is the safest approach.

Accidents are possible if you continue to experiment with just one hand. So to ensure that you keep yourself and your facility and research subjects safe and unharmed, give your arm time to heal so you can get back to experimenting safely after a few weeks.

Final Note

A broken arm will teach you many things and take you through a rollercoaster of emotions as you recover. Along the way, you will detest your occupation many times if your broken arm limits you from practicing it.

But hold tight and enjoy your break as time heals your broken arm because you will be able to get back to what you love super soon.

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