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Many of us encounter predicaments in life. But, for sure, you may forget all the hassles once you come up with a life with a broken arm that is too alone. There is no denying that a broken arm may hinder mobility. The deficiency could put a heavy psychological toll too. Prima facie, living alone with a broken arm is the perfect recipe for a disastrous life.

Living Alone With Broken Arm

But, in essence, researchers have proved that living alone with a broken arm introduces new aspects of life. This hassle is not a nightmare at all. There are some certain positive sides too. 

This all depends on you whether you consider living alone with a broken hand as a bone or bane. You are the own creator of your destiny. 

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Here in this blog, we will cover all the nitty-gritty of living alone with a broken arm.  Let’s directly plunge into life after having an arm fracture that too alone. Here we start! 

Accept Your Life With A Broken Arm – The Lifestyle Philosophy

First and foremost, you must accept your life with a broken arm. You were born with two arms. But, for the time being, you must assume that you are bestowed with one arm, and this is by default.

To be more optimistic, you could also assume that all human beings are bestowed with the same physiological design. Once you accept this assumed reality! Your roller-coaster ride begins with full zeal. 

In his best-seller, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes, “a little change of perception could bring a paradigm sea-change of overall circumstances.” It means change sprouts out inside-out, not outside-in, simply! 

So, the best thing before plunging into a full-fledged broken arm lifestyle is to accept it as a matter of fate. 

Once you are done and dusted with the concepts, it’s time to upgrade and thrust into the practical version of life with a broken arm. 

Fun Sides Of Living Life With A Broken Arm

Learn New Life Skills 

Have you ever observed that persons with different abilities excel in other dimensions, especially life skills? A real-time case study is the Paralympics. If you are learning-oriented, you are going to learn a plethora of life skills. 

Survival is the critical instinct of Homosapiens. This is how we survived and surpassed our genetic clans. Neanderthals and Homoerectus. So, if we are deprived of the vitality of our organs, we will find other ways to accomplish our tasks. 

In the same way, you inadvertently learn several new life skills while you have to live life with a broken arm. The list starts from very basic such as knitting, to high-tech tasks like paragliding. 

You could not have learned new life skills without going through this difficulty. 

180° Paradigm Shift Of Thinking Perspective 

Our persona has two strong layers; professional domain and personal domain. For personal domains, ethics play a vital part. Nevertheless, sometimes owing to some reasons, we are deprived of some essential personal ethics such as empathy, interoperability with persons with different abilities, and culturally-accepted interpersonal conversation.

You get a crash course of all these ethical values once you are all set to live a life with a broken arm. A broken arm connects readily with the programmed values of the brain and gives a 180° turn. Thinking perspective changes, and you start perceiving the world from a humanistic lens – the most coveted position of Maslow’s hierarchy. 

Sense Beautiful Vibes Of Self-sufficiency 

Life is another name for interdependence. Nonetheless, few learn the art of being a lone wolf. Solo flight has its very own unique hues. All the successful persons had been working behind the curtains all alone. 

Living alone in a difficult situation (what could be more challenging than a broken arm?) teaches you lifelong self-sufficiency lessons. You need no other help once you have the incredible power of self-sufficiency. Leverage it, and conquer the world! 

A Shift From Sympathy To Empathy 

No matter whatever golden or crystal heart you nestle in the bosom. You cannot reflect the pure feelings of empathy unless you have been in the same predicaments as a life with a broken arm in an isolated setting. 

When you perform routine life functions with somewhat difficulty or fun, you get the real taste of empathy. There is all empathy – no sympathy. Whether you are doing chores or running errands, this overarching empathy is with you all around. This empathy is all along when you recuperate. 

Leveraging Sixth Sense 

You cannot resort to the sixth sense without leaving your comfort zone. Out-of-box thinking comes up with a set of miseries. A broken hand could open up new horizons of sensation. This unique point of mind sciences and parapsychology could easily be attained while living alone with a broken arm. 

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Fantastic Crafts You Can Do With A Broken Arm

Fantastic Crafts You Can Do With A Broken Arm

Life is not at all boring with a broken arm. You should not land in granny’s paradise. Here are some beautiful crafts you can perform with a broken arm. Interestingly, these crafts can be done optimally in isolation. The serene environment is a must-have for all crafts. What you require is a little practice and a small set of equipment. 

Here is the smart run-down of the one-handed crafts. Let’s delve deep! 

Stamping Crafts 

First of all, accumulate all the requisite equipment on the table. With a broken arm, cutting is an uphill task. Do it beforehand, please. For convenience, use a small paperweight for keeping papers in place. 

Now, you can use stamp(s) to decorate the cardstock according to your whims and wishes. Use embellishments, buttons, stickers, glitters, pencils, or markers for optimal decoration. You may feel limited owing to a broken arm, but you can still go the extra mile by using journals, calendars, or even jewelry. 

Stamping Polymer Clay 

With one broken arm, stamping polymer clay has a lot of inspiration. It’s high time you stamped your mark! 

For extra comfort, use a clay conditioning machine, or you can also use a simple kitchen rolling pin. Firstly, lay clay on a clean terrain. 

Please pick up the stamp and dab it on the ink pad. From one hand, dab the stamp onto the ink pad firmly. Make sure you take ample time. 

Then, pop the clay into the oven for maturing, or you may also add varying colors as desired. On the one hand, separating stamps from clay might be difficult. 

For this, use a little cornstarch, and the magic rolls out! Stamps come off without any hassle. 

Knitting & Crochet 

Knitting and crochet were difficult to craft to perform before. With the advent of ever-new devices, this sophisticated craft became a cakewalk. The only thing you need to do is to consider the position of the yarn. Keep it straight, and conquer the craft land! Use a knitting board or looms for spot-on knitting-cum-crochet. 


Painting with one hand opens up the door to endless imagination. Use watercolors or acrylics for that. But, if you love challenges, go for the oil paint option. 

You can use an easel with an attached pallet or holder for comfort. This will help you focus on the brush. Considering one-handed ability, Blu-Tack keeps things firm and in place. Do use it during painting for less frustrating work. 


Performing needlework with one hand is super simple, especially with the right hoop. You can easily find stretcher bars or stand hoops for your broken arm online or brick-and-mortar. Besides simple mending work, you can also perform crewelwork, stitching, or embroidery. 

For. comfort, get either a tabletop or floor/lap stand. This way, you can perform needlework incessantly without long pauses. 

These crafts are both fun-inducing as well as challenging. Those mentioned above are fun-inducing but as well as challenging. Just with a pinch of adaptation and creativity, you can create what others can even not imagine in any figment of thought. 

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Steps To Keep Your Mental Health Intact With A Broken Arm 

A broken arm could affect your mind if left to its own devices. To maintain your mental health intact, you must regularly consider steps throughout your stint while having a broken arm. 

Exercise Regularly with a Pinch of Caution

A broken arm may not solicit exercise regularly. But still, you can execute specific exercises. There is a whole list of exercises that you can find online. Moreover, you may also consult for professional help. 

The exercise regime aims to shade extra pounds and keep your scattered thoughts focused. Regular exercise also gives you direction in life and teaches you to live optimally. In addition, exercise bolsters metabolism and helps your body perform routine functions. 

Meditation Makes You Wise and Strong 

Living alone with a broken arm comes with its own challenges. These challenges inadvertently make dents on your spiritual fabric. 

Thanks to the meditation option, the spiritual fabric is all set to mend. This introspection is also helpful for strategic planning and thinking ahead of the curve. 

Hence, it is highly recommended that you go through consistent bouts of meditation during hard times. For proper advice, you could go through the counseling session in a controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. 

Strategize the Healing Procedure 

All is well until hope is alive. Hope is, all in all, a blessing. After a fracture, the patient has high hopes regarding convalescence. 

Similarly, she adopts a mix of medication and therapies to be up and kicking shortly. It is pertinent to strategize the healing process. This optimistic thinking is an endorsement of rehab. So, keep the hope alive, and live a whole life with a broken arm in isolation. 

Mind Games – an Amazing Tool

Several mind games out there are necessary for keeping your mind busy. Once your mind is busy with the problems, challenges, and strategies, you need not consult any other resource to keep your mind active. 

You can check multiple online games and try them out during your life span with a broken arm in a separate home. In addition, for optimal creativity, you can also craft your very own mind games. It is pitting yourself against yourself. The logical fallacy is relishing to the core. 

Infuse Maximum Optimism 

In normal circumstances, it is all okay to tread the middle way between upbeat optimism and dipping pessimism. 

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But, living with a broken arm comes with difficulties and exceptional situations. It is essential to instill as much optimism in your life as you can. Glass should also be complete for you! 

This optimism provides you the verve to live a happy life and clear away possible pitfalls with a broken arm. 

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