Things That Can Help You With A Broken Arm




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Having your arm or wrist fractured can not only be painful, but the recovery process is long as well. Since you are advised not to use your broken limb and keep it as immobile as possible, your daily tasks will be obstructed by a significant level. 

Help You With A Broken Arm

However, with the advancement of technology, several useful tools and gadgets are available in the market that can help you in doing basic chores and tasks without worsening your condition while your arm is recovering.

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Things That Can Help You With The Broken Arm 

Shoulder Arm Sling 

A cast and sling are one of the most basic and essential things required by someone with a broken arm. Currently, there are various arm casts and slings in the market that provide several other benefits other than support. 

One of these includes an arm cuff sling, which includes a 6-inch wide band that serves as a base for your forearm and biceps that offers the flexible movement of the limb without causing any pain. 

These are designed for supporting your arm and shoulders without forcing any restrictions or suppression of movement or breathing and movement. 

This sling also comes with a loop and hook for allowing the patient to wear it themselves. It usually comes in washable and comfortable material, so it can be worn while sleeping as well.  

Dressing Stick

It is quite difficult for you to wear clothes with only one arm and hand while the other is injured. Nevertheless, you may still get dressed on your own using a dressing stick. For easy push and pull motions, a dressing stick usually includes an s-shaped metal hook, which makes it easy to hold and pull or push garments over your body without having to bend your broken arm. 

The dressing stick can be used for any piece of clothing, even those made of delicate materials. In addition to providing a gentle hold, the smooth vinyl covering prevents garments from sliding off the hook. 

The dressing stick is also usually made of sturdy plastic or hardwood with a long length and lightweight design, all of which make it simpler to move and give you more independence when getting dressed and undressed.

Waterproof Cast Cover

Your arm is usually put in a bandage and cast while recovering; however, this makes it difficult for you to wash it. Although the cast, being thick, takes a long time to dry, keeping it wet for more extended periods can lead to the birth of bacteria and infection. 

To avoid such issues, you can use a waterproof cast cover. These covers can be worn while taking a shower and are made of a comfortable, tight material, making them waterproof. 

The design is made such that it can be easily put on and taken off. You may use this product repeatedly because of its high-quality PVC and latex components. It can cover the cast by pulling it over like a sleeve and comes with a sealing ring that comprises high-elastic neoprene composite fabric.

For using the product, carefully insert the limb inside the protection after stretching the rubber diaphragm seal while avoiding any contact with the injured region. Then, adjust the cover to create a tight seal over the cast or bandage after it is entirely encased in it.

Toilet Aid Tool

It isn’t easy to move about after breaking an arm. Even doing everyday tasks, such as cleaning up after using the restroom, becomes challenging. For this purpose, a toilet aid can be used, which usually features an ergonomic shape with rounded, flexible edges, making it the ideal answer to that issue. 

For cleaning oneself after using the toilet, all you need to do is put some wet toilet paper into the head of this toilet aid. It holds the toilet paper and allows you to reach under without having to move your arm to a large extent for easy wiping. 

The tool makes it easy for patients to be more independent in and about their own houses. It was created to assist those who find it hard to turn, reach, or bend their body. It gives people the ability to wipe data in an efficient and safe manner.

The tool can be used by following three easy steps below:

  1. Take a few toilet paper sheets, wrap them over the tool’s head, and tuck the extra into its groove.
  2. Use the tool by turning it over to the side that doesn’t have a groove to wipe after you have used the restroom.
  3. The spring-loaded tab inside the tool automatically ejects the paper when the end button is pressed after usage.

Reacher-Grabber tool

Anyone with a broken arm finds it challenging to pick up and hold things, especially when it is your dominant hand. For this, you can use the multiple grabbing gadget available in the market. It usually comes as a stick with a grabbing claw that you can use to hold and pick up things even from a far distance. 

The rubber tip of this tool has a textured surface that offers a secure grasp. Additionally, this product’s claw can usually spin 360 degrees, which makes it appropriate for picking up objects from any angle as well. 

This tool makes it simple to pick up objects like coins, glass, and litter, as well as move things from one place to another, along with even picking something from hard-to-reach places such as tall cabinets. By reducing the amount of labor required, this gadget also makes our jobs simpler.

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Arm Elevation Pillow

Your injured arm can be supported comfortably and securely by an arm elevation pillow. This pillow enables you to keep your arm in the right posture and aids in preventing additional swelling. 

It usually comes as universally sized to accommodate both right and left arms and is perfect for individuals who have had mastectomy surgery, wrist, arm, or shoulder procedures, since it provides pleasant, secure support with a minimum constraint, all of which helps to reduce swelling and enable you to keep the correct arm posture.

Because it is made of strong and fire-resistant foam, it doesn’t get flat and may, therefore, efficiently give prolonged elevation. The arm elevator pillow also does not let your injured arm slip off the bed due to friction created by the foam.

No-Tie Shoelaces

Tying the laces of your shoes with one hand, while your other arm is broken is an extremely difficult task, especially if your dominant hand has been injured. Although it is not possible, yet still would require too much time and effort of yours. 

Thus, you can buy some elastic shoelaces to help resolve this issue. These are completely normal-looking shoelaces made of elastic and come in a range of lengths and colors. They can be laced into your regular shoes, fastened, and trimmed to size. 

These not just combine the comfort of a slip-on with almost the same support as a normal laced shoe but are even more comfortable than the traditional laces as well. These also provide excellent support in all directions without creating any pressure spots. 

Additionally, the elastic takes the shape of your feet so they feel much more comfortable to be worn all day.

Electric Toothbrush

Although breaking your dominant arm is already a big shock, you might not understand how inconvenient this injury could be until you have to perform your basic tasks with your non-dominant one. 

It gets especially extremely challenging to do such precise up-and-down motions with your other hand, which could even cause bleeding gums in the worst-case scenario. Thus, it is recommended to use an electric toothbrush

These brushes are battery-powered and rotate automatically while you just move the rotating bristles over your teeth. This helps you in elevating the need to be as careful or as active as you would be when brushing traditionally with a normal brush.

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Sock Wearing Aid 

It’s possible for people with a broken arm to be unable to bend down their feet to put on socks. Moreover, most people are used to holding the sock with both hands when pulling it over their feet, in such circumstances, making it almost impossible to wear one.

You can use a sock-wearing aid for this purpose. Using this tool, the socks or stockings may be put on by merely dropping them on the ground, gripping the rope handles, and slipping the foot inside the plastic holder of the gadget. 

The contour is usually made in a flexible and soft design to be used by people with poor hand strength. Thus, it not only makes it simpler for them to put socks on by themselves but also provides them with a nice grip while they are putting them on.

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