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Portable ramp for a wheelchair at home are great ramps for people who need a wheelchair ramp that is light, can be stored easily and can be used in outdoor too.

For this reason, I did my research and wrote this article, I even added recommended ramps for you to check out.

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Wheelchair ramps – important accessories for those with walking difficulties

People with mobility difficulties who need walking aids such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs often encounter tremendous difficulty reaching from one area to another on a level or floor above the one that they are on.

This causes many places to become inaccessible to them, which of course causes a significant reduction in the quality of life.

In order to help these people and enable them to reach places that have not yet taken accessible steps, various accessories and aids are being manufactured all the time, including ramps for wheelchairs.

How Does It Work?
Portable ramp for a wheelchair at home

Very simple.
Ramps for wheelchairs are actually an aluminum fixture capable of carrying exceptionally heavyweights.

The facility is built of vertebrates and can be extended and shortened as necessary so that it can be adapted to the levels at a wide range of heights.

When manufactured by companies specializing in the field, the ramps are capable of carrying very heavy weights (some can carry up to 900 tons!), And therefore constitute a safety surface for the passage of wheelchairs when the user sits in them.

The facilities are positioned diagonally as they connect the lower level and the upper level, and the person sitting in the wheelchair can go up and down through them in an easy and simple way.

Portable ramp for a wheelchair at home

A portable ramp for wheelchairs is built in a very user-friendly way; Despite its ability to carry extremely heavy weights, it is relatively easy and can be transported from place to place very easily.

In addition, the ramp folds easily and can be put in the trunk and taken anywhere.
The convenient folding also makes it convenient to store the ramp, without taking up too much space, so it is definitely an important help for anyone using a wheelchair.

Static or non-static threshold ramps are commonly being used in homes and the main difference from the portable ones is, of course, their portability.

A portable ramp for a wheelchair at home is a great option when you want a ramp that doesn’t catch place at your home as you can always fold it(some are able to fold into a suitcase mode), or when you want a ramp that will serve you at home and while traveling without the need to buy 2 ramps.

The good portable ramps offer a great non-slip grip and they are very strong and sturdy.

A portable wheelchair ramp – allows wheelchair access to stairs, an entrance of the house or a vehicle.
A ramp can be ordered in different lengths.

Main advantages of portable ramps

  • Some of the ramps open into four parts, can be folded in the form of a suitcase – for easy storage and easy use.
  • Made of aluminum or Carbon – easy and durable.
  • It is lightweight and has a particularly safe sliding surface.
  • A portable ramp makes every entrance to an accessible one. The ramp is foldable, easy to store in your car, at home, and in the business.
  • Specifically designed in order to make it easier to use a wheelchair, scooter, trolley or any other tool.
  • There is no installation required to use this ramp (without the need for pre-installation or construction of permanent facilities).

The ramp provides a perfect solution for wheelchair users who need to go up and down stairs, get up and down the vehicle, and climb up and down places that are not accessible to wheelchairs users.

Features of a quality portable ramp:

  • The ramp is made of lightweight aluminum or Carbon.
  • There are long ramps available that can be folded into few parts which connected with hinges.
  • The ramp is coated with an anti-sliding material.
  • The ramp can carry a lot of weight.
  • The ramp is packed in the form of a very convenient suitcase for carrying and storage.
  • The ramp has easy carrying handles.
  • The ramp has elevated side rails for safety.
  • The ramp is simple and easy to operate.

Ramps are available in a variety of lengths, ideal for accessibility problems. In addition, you can choose a ramp width that is perfect for manual and motorized wheelchairs.

Recommended portable wheelchair ramps

I researched this subject, and I have found a great variety of quality portable ramps.
I added a list of some of the best products available on the market and I added the best places to buy them from.

Since a portable ramp for home has to come in different sizes as any home has its own needs and has to be light weighted, I took these 2 requirements into consideration when I made this list.

Please note, my posts may contain affiliate links!, if you buy using one of them, you will pay nothing more, but I’ll get a small commission, which keeps the lights on. Thanks!
All of my recommended products are well searched and I will never recommend something I don’t know and believe in.

1. 5.7 lbs. Lightweight Foldable Carbon Fiber Ramp

This ramp also comes with handles which help in carrying it around.
You can check it out in the video below.

Weight Capacity: 600lb.
Item weight: 5.7 lbs. – 14.5 lbs.
Is it foldable: Yes.
Ramp Type: Folding.
Length of the ramp:  2.5 feet to 6.5 feet.
The width of the ramp: 30 inches.
Warranty: 1 year limited
Current price: 999$
A place to buy: 1800wheelchair.

You can check it out here on 1800wheelchair.com.

2.Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

The next one also comes in 4 sizes of 2,3,4 and 5-inch length with 30-inch wide.
It is made of lightweight Aluminum and can support up to 800 Pounds.

This ramp is also foldable, easy-to-carry(carried like a suitcase).
It is much cheaper than the first one with a price tag of 105.59$ for the 3ft x 30inch version.

Product specifications:

Weight Capacity: up to 800 pounds(depends on the version).
Item weight: 15 pounds to the 3ft x 30inch version.
Is it foldable: Yes.
Ramp Type: Folding.
Length of the ramp: 2-5 ft
The width of the ramp: 30 inch
Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.
Current price: 105.59$ for the 3ft x 30inch version.
A place to buy: Amazon

Portable wheelchair ramp-Great product for businesses

While wheelchair ramps are important products for those with walking difficulties and offer great help in-home use, but they can also be of great benefit to many businesses that have not yet made their businesses accessible.

Through the simple operation of purchasing a wheelchair ramp and a special bell and sticker, many business owners will be able to allow wheelchair users to enter and enjoy the service or products they offer.

How Does It Work for a business? very simple.

When a person arrives in a wheelchair to a place, he identifies the special sticker that announces that it is accessible to the handicapped and disabled, and rings the bell.

The business owner or one of the employees arrives immediately with the ramp, placing it on the step in a way that allows passage and allows that person to enter.

Thus, these businesses join the list of places accessible to the disabled, raise their prestige in the eyes of the entire society, earn a large number of satisfied customers, and of course increase their income.

A perfect solution for people with disabilities

There is no doubt that thanks to these devices, the quality of life of people who have walking difficulties improves dramatically, allowing them to reach places that until now have not been accessible to them.

In order for this to happen in the best and most efficient manner, it is very important to purchase only portable ramps for wheelchairs manufactured by a recognized and leading company in its field, which manufactures the facilities according to all the standard requirements and markets them with a full guarantee.

I hope that I helped you to know a bit more about wheelchair ramps in generally and specifically on the importance of a portable ramp for a wheelchair at home. If you have any comments, please leave them below.

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