Best 12 Board Games And Puzzles For Parkinson’s Patients




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In this post I will help you with finding the best board games and puzzles for Parkinson’s patients.

Parkinson’s disease, a long-term neurodegenerative disorder, affects many older people. More than six million people suffer from motor dysfunction due to Parkinson, across the globe.

Board Games And Puzzles For Parkinson's Patients

In the United States, it is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder.

It is a progressive disease, so symptoms develop over time, and one side of the body is usually affected by Parkinson’s disease than the other side. The symptoms can vary for every patient; however, some common ones include tremors, muscle rigidity, bradykinesia, loss of balance, and change of gait as well as speech.

There are many psychological consequences involved as well. Parkinson’s patients become susceptible to dementia, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, and in some severe cases, hallucinations too. 

Parkinson’s can take a toll on patients from an early stage and lead them to become anti-social.  The thinking ability of a patient is also affected drastically.

Confusion, foggy memory, and memory loss are some of the symptoms that can be observed by family and friends. Distinguishing disparities become exceedingly difficult among some patients that have dementia as a result of PD.

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Though the disease is chronic and progressive, however, the cognitive symptoms can be delayed to some extent by stimulating the brain regularly.

Board Games and Puzzles can Help Parkinson’s Patients!

One of the best ways to preserve cognitive function is playing games, especially board games and puzzles!  Not only are these games therapeutic, but solving puzzles and games can improve their short-term memory and reduce the risk of dementia in Parkinson’s patients.

Remembering their turn, the rules and regulations of the games, and what strategy they need to use to win are the perfect exercises for improving short-term memory.

Various studies emphasize the need for puzzle games for patients who have Parkinson’s disease. There is a growing need for puzzle games of neurodegenerative illnesses to assess motor and cognitive functioning.

Other benefits of indulging Parkinson’s patients in games and puzzles include higher emotional stability and better mental agility. Enjoying a simple game of monopoly or chess could help them fight the mental side-effects that often accompany this disease.

Moreover, playing various kinds of games stimulates the brain to make newer neurological pathways as well as thought channels, hence making it more agile. Here are the best Parkinson’s friendly Board games you can play with your loved ones and help them cope with the disease better.

 Best 12 Board Games and Puzzles for Parkinson’s Patients

1. Bridge Card Game:

Many card games help retain a patient’s memory; one of the best card games is Bridge. It helps to improve the memory and attention of a patient. This game is excellent for making patients socially interact with one another as it involves four people for playing. Logical reasoning is developed by playing this game. A patient also learns about quick thinking and perseverance.

2. Poker:

Poker is a card game that is played in various countries. You can play poker with your elderly in multiple forms. A fun night can be arranged to play poker after dinner. It can help Parkinson’s patients with their ability to think better. Many players can join this game, but the ideal number is 7 and 8 players. For communication among patients, this game is perfect.

3. BlackJack:

It is a card game that your loved ones can enjoy for sure. It is trendy around the globe and is played primarily on casinos. However, it can improve the cognitive functioning of the elderly, and they can also enjoy it a lot. The sense of competition improves in the patients. Pontoon is another name for this card game. It can be bought easily from various sites. You can use this link to buy this.

4. Jigsaw Puzzles:

It is a game that everyone enjoys. Children love to solve puzzles. And it can be an excellent game for your loved ones. As this game is virtual, it can stimulate the brain of the Parkinson’s patient. Puzzles, in general, are perfect for the healthy functioning of a brain.

According to studies, there are several health benefits of this game. Logical reasoning, as well as visual-spatial reasoning, is improved by playing this game. Jigsaw puzzles have also been used as a symbol for autism in the 90s. The images that are on the puzzles stimulate the brain and enhance the thinking ability of a patient. It is a great mental exercise.

5. Scrabble:

Scrabble is a word game and an excellent choice for patients who have difficulty recalling names. It can stimulate one’s thinking in a way that no one can imagine. You can play scrabble with your elderly and enjoy this game with them, as it will benefit them and benefit you. With time, forgetting names and common words is a common symptom for many Parkinson’s patients. But this game is a great exercise to improve the memory of patients. This game can also improve mood and appetite. Use this link to buy

6. Crossword Puzzles:

These puzzles are the easiest and common among various other puzzles. These puzzles can be found on the backside of a newspaper. If you think that these are too difficult, then you can also buy books of simple crossword puzzles to master the art of solving them. People suffering from dementia and depression can benefit from this game. Crossword puzzles could improve their thought processes and memory.

7. Chess:

Chess is a great board game to improve the ability to strategize among Parkinson’s patients. It can enhance logic and reasoning. If they continuously play this game, they will need to learn about the rules and memorize them. It is essential so the next time they play this game, they will recall those memorized rules, and it will help improve their memory in turn. It is considered a very challenging game. It is also great for interacting with different people and enhances communication.

8. Bingo:

A board game that can involve a large number of participants is “Bingo.” It can be a fun game for many elderly, and those who win can also be awarded various things. This will keep some of them very happy and motivated. If a patient wins one time, another patient will try hard to win next time. It can improve their communication and brain health. Bingo is a very common game in many nursing homes and elderly assisted facilities. As Parkinson’s patients face various cognitive dysfunctions along with visual perceptions, this game is excellent to improve these conditions.

9. Sudoku Puzzles:

If your dear ones are more into numbers and love to solve things like these, then the Sudoku puzzle is the best choice for them. It is a bit complex game, so it might not be a cup of tea for everyone. It is a game based on logical thinking. Scanning rows and columns carefully can help people to improve their brain stimulations. There are several techniques for playing this game, some of them are easy, and others are complex. You can play this game at per the choice of your dear ones.

10. Solitaire:

It is a fun game that people of all ages can play. Solitaire is a game that is good for the elderly who do not like to have the company of others, who do not want to communicate with others. But it might not be a good idea to be socially away from people. Communication is best for Parkinson’s patients. Interacting with others can help to improve brain development and also improve vocabulary.

11. Simon Says: 

It is a game that children usually play. It is a straightforward game to play as compared to other games. It can be an excellent game for your dear ones suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This game is also similar to charades. It keeps the elderly engaged along with stimulating brain and body connections. You can sit in your yard and play this game. You can use commands to help Parkinson’s disease patients with cross-body movements. Different parts of the brain will be stimulated by this and will further assist in memory and coordination.

12. 3-Dimensional Puzzles:

There are several puzzles in the market that you can buy for your loved ones. But choosing 3D puzzles can be an intelligent choice. Patients facing cognitive challenges can be kept engaged with this game. 3-dimensional puzzles offer better vision and larger pieces which can be very helpful for some patients.

The standard puzzle does not provide a great vision as a 3D puzzle does. A 3D puzzle will not only improve their logical reasoning and thinking but will help them to think in complex and better ways. Adding 3D puzzles to their daily routine can be extremely helpful for your elderly.

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