Can A Blind Person Own A Gun?




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What Does Legally Blind Mean

Even Blind people get into the possibility of getting hurt and in such a scenario sometimes it is a good idea to own a gun but the question is can a blind person own a gun?

Let’s find out.  

Up to this point, there are no restrictions for a blind person to own a gun as long as all the criteria are met.

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What Does Legally Blind Mean? Can A Blind Person Own A Gun? 

Government officials coined the term ‘legally blind’ to label someone ‘blind’ who is wholly or partially blind.  This may be a surprise for you, but most individuals labelled ‘partially blind’ in the US can see things up to some extent.

In other words, these individuals aren’t entirely blind, and with the proper training, they can use a gun with quite an efficiency.  This is also why ‘legally blind’ individuals can give tests to own a gun permit.

The Gun Debate in US

If we look at American culture, in particular, the gun debate has always been a crucial part of history.  Over the years, many legislations and reforms have been done to tackle the issue’s complexity.  But sadly, no solid work was done for the gun-owning rights of blind people.

Even today, the gun-owning application of a blind person ends up in the hands of certain officials that decide whether the application is good to go or not.  This lack of a solid mechanism is not only limited to the US but is also quite common in major countries around the globe.

The Concept of Gun Ownership

For a blind person, owning a gun can be different from someone else.  Again, certain degrees of being blind effect whether the individual’s aim will fall under the satisfactory mark.

For those legally blind, the clause for owning a gun is pretty much simple.  You need to clear the fire shooting range test.  And if you have done so, you are eligible to own a gun just like anyone else.

Guide Dogs And Gun-Carrying Blind People

Gun-Carrying Blind People

There is no proper mechanism for a blind person to apply and get a regular guarantee of a gun-owning permit if all the required criteria are met.  But the testing facility allows someone ‘legally blind’ to utilise any aid necessary for performing well in the test.

So, in most cases, a guide dog is often accompanied by the person even when showcasing his/her skills with the gun.  The dog gives a verbal cue to its owner, allowing the person to estimate the distance of the target and all the necessary parameters.

Are There Any Specific Tests For Blind People To Pass?

As a matter of fact, no.  There is no specific test or series of tests that a ‘legally blind’ person needs to pass to attain a gun-carrying or owning a licence.  This is a topic that is often debated in certain regions around the globe.

But still, if you want to own a gun as a ‘legally blind’ person, all you need to do is submit the required credentials and pass the shooting range test.  You can use any aid to perform well in the test.  If you pass the test, you become eligible to own a gun.

Types Of The Gun A Blind Person Can Own

Again, one of the few topics that need a lot of attention from the respective authorities but still not getting.  Like the whole gun carrying or owning application procedure, there are no specific guidelines regarding the type of gun you can own as a legally blind person.

From a shotgun to a Glock, you can carry or own any gun as long as you have a relative and a legal permit.  The permit will require you to use the same ai while using the gun you used during the firing range shooting test.

Political Debate On The Topic

Quite recently, the issue of ‘legally blind’ people applying for owning a gun has been getting a lot of highlights.  Political parties and leaders in the US finally realize the importance of a thorough mechanism that allows ‘legally blind’ individuals to apply for a gun-owning permit.

Some prominent senators and statesmen are looking quite eager to present a regularised bill to bring the whole issue under the federal or state government umbrella.  But at this point, the whole process is just in the discussion stage with no actual effort made.

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Final Note

So, if you were looking to answer whether a blind person can own a gun or not, then yes, a ‘legally blind’ can indeed own a gun. 

And if you reside in any of the US states, in particular, you can apply for a gun-owning permit, and all you have to do is pass the shooting range test.

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