Adaptive Equipment for Glaucoma | What’s Available?

Glaucoma is one of the common diseases. It affects your vision and makes daily living activities challenging for the patient.

Adaptive Equipment for Glaucoma

If you or your loved one has Glaucoma and feels difficult at performing routine activities, adaptive equipment for Glaucoma can be helpful.

Technological advancement has introduced several useful resources, tools, devices, and equipment that aids daily living.

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Adaptive equipment for Glaucoma are one such resource that enables glaucoma patients to perform their routine work properly.

7 Adaptive Equipment for Glaucoma

TheraSpecs Classic Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity, Photophobia, and Fluorescent Lights
  • Batter than normal sunglass
  • Higly protectie ultra lightweight
  • It’s helpful for headache and migraine
MagniPros 3X Magnifying Glass
  • Long lasting and lightweight
  • Crystal clear lense
  • Energy-efficient SMD LEDs
Oasis Scientific ViSee 4.3″ LCD Portable Electronic Digital Magnifier Reading Aid for Low Vision
  • LCD display 4.3″
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Screen lock system
Datacal New & Improved EZSee by DC Large Print English QWERTY Keyboard
  • Large visible letters
  • Easier to see every key
  • Works with all Windows OS
Large Talking Watch for Visually impaired, Blind
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • Loud voice
Telescope Magnifying Glasses
  • Easy to wear $ remove
  • 2.8x magnification
  • 29mm lens
Ideaworks JB5824 Extra Wide Talking Scale-Visual & Voice Display
  • Easy power control system
  • Large LCD disply
  • TALKING SCALE Talking scale

Here, a few adaptive equipment for Glaucoma are reviewed and detailed. If you want to learn about such equipment before actually buying them, keep reading.

1. TheraSpecs Classic Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity, Photophobia, and Fluorescent Lights

If you or your loved one is a Glaucoma patient but wants to read regularly, then start using tinted glasses. These glasses fight glaucoma-related light sensitivity and photophobia. Though you may not get any assistance from these glasses directly, wearing it provides relief from light sensitivity, which enables you to focus for a longer period.

TheraSpecs Classic Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity, Photophobia, and Fluorescent Lights are tinted lenses block the part of light most painful to eyes. Moreover, the therapeutic lenses reduce the effects of harsh sunlight & outside glare.

Glaucoma patients are light sensitive and exposure to harsh light and glare creates difficulties for them. It may trigger headaches or migraines. Therefore, it pays to use adaptive equipment for Glaucoma patients.


●   Precision tinted therapeutic lenses

●   Ultra-lightweight frame

●   Comfortable flex-fit

●   Wrap-around protection


●   Wearing these glasses relieve painful light sensitivity, enabling you to focus for longer durations

●   It minimizes fluorescent light pain

●   Its benefits extend beyond light sensitivity and reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches

●   Its comfortable frame and flexible legs make it easier for you to wear it all-day


●   It doesn’t help you see clearly – the benefits are limited to relieving glaucoma-related pains

2. MagniPros 3X Magnifying Glass

You might have a passion for reading books or you often need to read but Glaucoma is a major hindrance. Glaucoma disrupts your ability to read properly. Glaucoma challenges your vision and makes it too difficult to read.

MagniPros 3X Magnifying Glass enables Glaucoma patients to read books, newspapers, important documents, and view small objects including miniatures, jewelry, and maps, and themselves. Since it comes in a rectangular shape, its use stimulates the natural way of reading. Its crystal clear acrylic lens magnifies the small words 3x.

Typically, Glaucoma patients need to strain their eyes for reading. The built-in LED is installed for better reading experience without putting a strain on the eyes.


●   Rectangular shape

●   Crystal clear acrylic lens

●   Built-in dimmable light

●   Lightweight & ergonomic grip

●   Energy-efficient SMD LEDs


●   It comes in a rectangular shape, enabling you to read the way we naturally read

●   It has built-in dimmable LEDs, enabling you to reduce or increase the brightness and adjust according to your choice

●   Its handle has an ergonomic grip that enables readers to use it for longer durations

●   The LEDs offer more evenly lit area around the book

●   It’s equipped with an anti-glare reflector


●   It might not last long, however, using it cautiously is the key to its durability

3. Oasis Scientific ViSee 4.3″ LCD Portable Electronic Digital Magnifier Reading Aid for Low Vision

With the advancement in technology, today, electronic digital magnifiers are available as well. At its core, the function of these magnifiers is pretty much similar to conventional magnifiers. The only difference is the improved magnifying capabilities.

If you have a passion for reading, but Glaucoma is a major hindrance between you & your passion, then having a digital magnifier helps a lot. Though you might use it for book reading only, its usability extends beyond reading.

Oasis Scientific ViSee 4.3″ LCD Portable Electronic Digital Magnifier Reading Aid for Low Vision is an easy-to-use device. You can use it to read text real-time, capture video, magnify the text, and read whatever & wherever you want.


●   4.3″ LCD

●   Adjustable magnification levels

●   Three color modes

●   Lithium battery

●   Freeze text

●   Video-out

●   Connectable with TV

●   Foldable stand

●   High-quality lens


●   You can adjust the magnification levels from 6x-14x

●   There are three color modes available in the magnifier, which includes black on white & white on black

●   You can capture and freeze text in the video for easier & better reading experience


●   If you live in a far-off area, you may find it difficult to change its battery

4. Datacal New & Improved EZSee by DC Large Print English QWERTY Keyboard

People with limited visual ability finds it extremely difficult to type on the keyboard. Typical keyboards are designed in a way that they are both good-looking & functional at the same time.

Glaucoma patients or people with poor eyesight cannot identify the right buttons on the keyboards. This keyboard is explicitly designed for people with visual impairment, Glaucoma, and other eyesight issues.

The letters are printed boldly with black color, enabling them to appear clearly on a yellow background. It’s a full-sized keyboard with 104 keys in total. All function keys, numeric keys, special character keys, and one-touch function keys are clearly visible.

Using  Datacal New & Improved EZSee by DC Large Print English QWERTY Keyboard can start writing or surfing the internet for a wide range of purposes. At the start, you may find a little difficulty, but after some time, you’ll be trained enough to write fluently.


●   Large printed letters

●   Black colored letters on yellow background

●   Easier to see every key

●   Great for Glaucoma patients

●   Easy to use


●   It enables Glaucoma patients to type on the computer

●   The letters are printed in bold font

●   The combination of a yellow background and black printing is a perfect blend for people with very limited visual ability

●   One-touch buttons are available for different functions


●   The buttons are a bit hard to press

5. Large Talking Watch for Visually impaired, Blind

Time is precious to everyone, and we all prefer to keep updated about the time of day. However, not all of us can easily look at the clock or watch or our mobile screen to know the time.

People with impaired vision, Glaucoma, and other vision issues find it difficult to tell the time. So they either need someone who can be with them all the time and tell them what time it is or wear a talking watch. The second option sounds appropriate, isn’t it?

Large Talking Watch for Visually impaired, Blind talking watch is adaptive equipment for Glaucoma patients. It doesn’t only look great on your wrist, but tell time as well whenever you want to know.

It tells both time and day & date. All you need is tap the button, and a clear male voice will tell the time. Press the button again to know the day & date.


●   A male voice announces the time

●   Easy to use

●   Loud voice

●   One button setup


●   It’s a nice looking watch, providing style, beauty, and functionality all at the same time

●   It’s made to last long

●   The audio instructions are given to set up the time, day & date


●   Its size might be bigger for some wrists; otherwise, it’s highly useful

●   The announcement language option is limited to English only

6. Telescope Magnifying Glasses

Having Glaucoma or poor eyesight doesn’t mean you can’t watch television. It’s certainly not impossible for you, but you need adaptive equipment for Glaucoma patients to watch the TV.

Telescope Magnifying Glasses is explicitly designed binocular glasses for people with impaired vision or Glaucoma.

Its 2.8x magnification and 29mm lens diameter provide a clear and clean sight even in low light. It’s made out of technical plastic & optical glass.

The best thing about this product is its versatility. It’s not only designed to help you watch TV, but you can do other activities as well. Some other functions include attending a concert, sewing, reading, writing, and several other activities.


●   Easy to wear & remove

●   Large exit pupil

●   Great for wearing both indoor & outdoor

●   2.8x magnification

●   High clarity


●   These glasses doesn’t need hand observation

●   It’s highly functional, enabling you to wear while watching TV or attending a sporting event

●   There is a multi-layer anti-reflection blue film coating applied to the lens, providing excellent visibility


●   Wearing it for longer durations might make the experience uncomfortable

7. Ideaworks JB5824 Extra Wide Talking Scale-Visual & Voice Display

It’s an excellent device for your kitchen. If you can’t see the weight measurements clearly because of Glaucoma, then the talking weight machine is ideal for you.

Ideaworks JB5824 Extra Wide Talking Scale-Visual & Voice Display machine measures the products and announces the weight of the items loudly so that you don’t need to put a strain on your eyes for reading the measurements.


●   Talking scale

●   Large LCD display

●   Can save previous weight measurements

●   Measuring capacity of 550 lbs


●   Apart from measuring and showing the weight measurement, it announces the weight as well

●   It is easy to use

●   It offers value for money with its extended life

●   It measures items with high accuracy


●   It announces weight in English only

We hope this collection of adaptive equipment for Glaucoma patients proves valuable to you.