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If you are looking for a good gift for your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease, I can help. Finding a good and useful gift for Parkinson’s Patients isn’t an easy task because regular gifts won’t be very useful for them.

Best Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

Instead, you should gift them something which is useful for them, and I’ve gathered a list of the best items or services which you can gift to your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease.

Let’s get started.

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How To Find The Best Gift For Parkinson’s Patients?

Parkinson’s is a complex problem, and it severely affects the moment of a person, which is the reason why it can get pretty challenging to find the right gift for Parkinson’s patients.

I’d recommend that you should ask the person what they need and then gift the thing which they want. If you want to give them a surprise, don’t worry because I’ve got your back, and I’ve shared the top 12 best gifts, which are ideal for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

The Top 12 Best Gifts For Parkinson’s Patients

There are many items and services that you can gift to your loved ones with Parkinson’s Disease, but these are the top 12 Best Gifts for Parkinson’s Patients.

1. Video Streaming Service

If your loved ones like to spend their time watching movies or TV Shows, you can gift them a subscription to a video streaming service. Video Streaming services these days are pretty good, and they come with tons of shows which will keep your loved ones entertained and busy.

There are tons of video streaming services available out there, and you can’t go wrong with the following services. I’ll explain a few details of each service which will help you choose the right one.

  • Netflix – Arguably the best streaming service available, and it comes with hundreds of movies and TV Shows, including Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Friends, and other popular shows.
  • Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime is another very popular and renowned video streaming service where you can find some pretty awesome shows and movies, including The Boys, The Purge, Sherlock, Hunters, Reacher, and Bosch.
  • Disney+ – Disney+ has been one of the major video streaming services in the last two years, and It’s now home to some of the most famous TV shows and movies, including Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Loki, and Agents of SHIELD.
  • Hulu – Hulu is a popular streaming service that comes with shows such as Difficult People, Fargo, Harlots, Justified, and What We Do in Shadows.

These streaming services operate on a monthly basis, so you can either buy your loved ones a gift card or add your credit card to the billing, and you can keep paying for your subscription.

2. Smartwatch

Smartwatches these days are pretty useful, and they can easily track the usual stuff such as steps, heart rate, activity monitoring, and more.

However, if you want to buy a smartwatch for Parkinson’s Patients, I’d recommend that you should get one with advanced health features such as ECG, SPO2 Sensor, and Fall Detection.

In this regard, smartwatches such as Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 are two great options that you can consider.

3. Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker is another item that can prove to be a very useful gift for Parkinson’s Patients. The best thing about Smart Speakers is that they operate on voice commands, and your loved one won’t have to move from their place just to start it.

Parkinson’s Patients can use smart speakers for various activities, including listening to music, audiobooks, headlines, and more. On top of that, if you have a smart home, you can also integrate it with your other smart products, and your loved ones will be able to control everything via voice commands.

Now there are many good smart speakers available in the market, and you can pick them depending on your budget, but these are some of the best smart speakers for Parkinson’s patients.

  • Amazon Echo Dot – Amazon Echo Dot is arguably the best smart speaker available out there. It has Amazon Alexa, which will help you do tasks such as play music, answer questions, check the weather, check the time, set the alarm, and many more. Also, Echo Dot comes with a digital watch which is another plus. You can also use Echo Dot to control other smart products in your home, including door locks, thermostats, and lights.
  • Bose Portable Smart Speaker – Bose is known for its quality audio products, and Bose Portable Smart speaker is no exception. It comes with built-in Alexa, so you can use it to ask questions, set alarms, manage your calendar, and more. Also, it’s a rugged portable speaker, which means that it can withstand heavy drops, and IPX4 water resistance also protects it from water.  

4. Cleaning Service

Parkinson’s Disease severely affects the movement of a person, which makes it difficult for them to do regular tasks such as cleaning. If your loved one lives independently, the best gift for them will be to get their house cleaned every week or month. For that, you can either hire a cleaning service for them which will clean their house every month or you can get a robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot Vacuum cleaners are pretty popular these days, and they can clean almost everything on the floor pretty easily. Also, they self-charge, so your loved one won’t experience the headache of charging the robot every day. If you are interested in getting a robot vacuum cleaner, I’d recommend you consider eufy by Anker.

5. Audio Subscription

If your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease loves reading books, you can gift them a subscription to a good audiobook service.

Audiobooks will allow your loved ones to listen to their favorite books while relaxing. There are many audiobook services available, but Audible from Amazon and are two of the best audiobook services you can find in 2024.

6. Heated Blankets

A heated Blanket is one of the most popular gifts for Parkinson’s patients. As the majority of Parkinson’s Patients are sensitive to cold, having a heated blanket allows them to get warm and enjoy watching their favorite movie or reading a book.

There are many great heated blankets available out there, but these are the best Heated Blankets for Parkinson’s Patients.

  • Westinghouse Warming Blanket – It’s one of the best-heated blankets for people with Parkinson’s Disease. It comes with 10 heating levels, and you can adjust them according to your requirement. On top of that, the blanket also comes with features such as Auto-off, which is a big plus.
  • Tefici Electric Heated Blanket – It’s another very popular super cozy heated blanket that you can get for your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease. It comes with 3 heating levels, and it automatically turns off after 4 hours. If you want an affordable heated blanket, you can consider the one from Tefici.

7. Slipper Socks

If you want a simple yet useful gift, you can go with slipper socks. Slipper Socks will keep the feet of your loved ones protected and provide comfort.

When it comes to picking the right pair of slipper socks, I’ll recommend that you should get a warm pair of slipper socks with anti-skid grips.

8. Car Service

If your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t have a car or they can’t drive, it would be very thoughtful for you to gift them a car service.

If you can’t drive them to the doctor yourself, you can always rely on good car-hailing services such as Lyft or Uber, which can take your loved one to the doctor safely and get them back. You can either buy a gift card or use your credit card to pay for car service.

9. Electric Massager

It’s seen that Parkinson’s Patients like a good massage, and while I recommend a professional massage, an electric massager can be a good alternative for a quick massage at home. Electric massagers are pretty popular because they don’t require a lot of effort as compared to manual massagers, and I’d also recommend you go with an electric massager.

There are tons of great electric massagers available, but these are the best ones as they have already been used by thousands of users out there. These are the best electric massagers for Parkinson’s patients.

  • Massage Gun – A massage Gun is basically a hand-held massager which you can use on your different body parts and relax the muscles. Toloco Massage Gun is one of the top-rated massage guns on the market, which comes with different attachments for different body parts. Entesi 3 Black is another massage gun that you can consider if you want an affordable massage gun.
  • Massage Pillow – It is a pillow that comes with a massage feature, and you can use it to relax the muscles around your neck. Viktor Jurgen Neck Massage Pillow is one of the best and most affordable massage pillows which you can consider for your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Foot Massager – Foot Massager is a massager which is designed to relax your foot muscles. If you are looking for a reliable and quality foot massager, you can consider Renpho Foot Massager.
  • Massage Chair – If you have a good budget, you can also get a massage chair as a gift which basically targets the majority of the muscles in your body, including your neck, back, legs, arms, and feet. If you are looking for a premium massage chair, You can consider the Smagreho massage chair.

10. Adaptive Utensils

One of the biggest problems Parkinson’s Patients feel is that they struggle to eat, and normal utensils can’t help them. But there are adaptive utensils that make it easier for Parkinson’s patients to eat.

Adaptive utensils can be a good gift for any small occasion. If you are looking for good adaptive utensils set, you can consider BunMo Adaptive Utensils.

11. Meal Delivery Service

If your loved ones can’t cook a meal for themselves and they live interdependently, you can get a meal delivery service subscription for them and get them fresh food every day. Now when it comes to choosing the right meal delivery service, it mainly depends on your location.

So, I’d recommend you ask around or do a quick google search to find the best meal delivery services near your location. In the US, services such as Factor_, Splendid Spoon, Freshly, Snap Kitchen, Real Eats, Magic Kitchen, and Bistro MD are some of the best Meal delivery services.

12. Slip-on Shoes

Slip-on Shoes can also prove to be a great gift for Parkinson’s Patients. As Parkinson’s Disease affects the movements of a person, it can get difficult for patients to bend down and put on laced shoes. But slip-on shoes are easier to put on and take off.

So, if you want affordable slip-on shoes, you can consider any good brand which makes Parkinson’s friendly shoes.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right gift for Parkinson’s Patients can be difficult, but I hope that this guide has given you some idea about it. If you are still not sure about it, I’d recommend you consider something which will give comfort to your loved ones with Parkinson’s Disease. From electric massager to slip-on shoes, you can give tons of useful gifts which your loved one like.

If you are still not sure and you want to make your loved one with Parkinson’s Disease happy, I’d recommend you should donate to any Parkinson’s Research Fund, and they will surely love it. Also, your donation will help in the efforts to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

I hope that you found this guide useful and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, do read other useful guides on Parkinson’s Disease.

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