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So let’s talk about the best 10 pillows for fibromyalgia. Suffering from fibromyalgia? We have a thorough idea of how painful the nights must be for you without proper pillow support for the fibromyalgia pain.

Because fibromyalgia targets the whole body rather than focusing on a specific region, here are some possible pillow options that will aid in relieving the pain.

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Best 10 Pillows For Fibromyalgia Reviews In 2024

1. TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow

What’s the most crucial body region that is affected by fibromyalgia? Studies have shown that the majority of patients complain about severe pain in the neck and back region. A disastrous situation indeed if you are someone who sleeps in a straight and upright position.

The TEMPUR-Ergo neck pillow is designed to ease out this pain exactly. Unlike regular pillows, there is a certain alteration in the pillow design. The cushion has a curved shape with opposite mounts. This allows your body’s natural neck curvature to fit perfectly within the pillow.

The pillow design is engineered to support your back, neck, and shoulder region when sleeping on your back. You can customise the pillow according to your preference by selecting the right size. 

Don’t worry about the pillow material, it is durable enough to withstand your body weight and posture shifting easily. 


  • Made from super durable and adaptive TEMPUR material, which doesn’t let the pillow lose its shape.
  • The pillow has a comparatively large profile that provides an exceptional support region for the user.
  • The pillow cover is made from 100% polyester knit that is also hypoallergenic.


  • Too firm for some of the users. 

2. CeeCee Pillow

Fibromyalgia pain is not restricted to a certain gender or age group. Women, in particular, are affected by the pain most, especially when expecting a baby. The reason why PharMeDoc store designed a pillow, especially for moms.

The CeeCee pillow is designed to provide exceptional pressure support to your whole body. During pregnancy, the CeeCee pillow support will truly be a blessing if you have a complaint regarding body pain or are suffering from fibromyalgia.

The C-shaped design removes the need to place more than one pillow around your body for support. The polyfill material is an addition to the whole design allowing the pillow to adapt to your body perfectly. 

Not only suitable for sleeping, but the support dynamics of the pillow will enable it to be used for watching TV and doing everyday tasks while sitting.


  • Designed to support the body dynamics of soon-to-be moms with exceptional pain-relieving dynamics.
  • Specifically effective against fibromyalgia and back pain
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the pillow


  • Issues with the size guide mentioned by the manufacturer. 

3. Relax back Lumbar Support Pillow/Cushion

Back pain is one of the most common forms of pain endured by millions of people all around the globe every single day. If we look at the core pain regions affected during fibromyalgia, the back is the most prominent.

This leads Relaxback to develop a pillow/cushion designed specifically to relieve the fibromyalgia pain in your back. The Relax Back lumbar support pillow/cushion has an orthopaedic design known for improving body posture and maximising back comfort. A great way to keep fibromyalgia away as much as possible.

The major plus point of the pillow is that you can take it away anywhere. The pillow is adaptable with car seats, plane seats, office chairs, sofas, etc. Just place the pillow before you sit or lay down, and the pillow will get to work right away!


  • Portable and compatible with all sorts of chairs and recliners.
  • Made from premium quality hypoallergenic material and is super easy to wash.
  • Comes with an organic memory foam that allows the user to experience maximum support for their back with easy setting in.


  • Provides a smaller support area than cushions/pillows within the same category.

4. Amazon basics down alternative bed pillows

It is great that Amazon is finally paying attention to the pillow section for people suffering from fibromyalgia and other common variants of body aches. 

The Amazon basics down alternative bed pillows are a clear alternative for people who don’t want to spend much on high-end fibromyalgia pain relieving pillows.

Designed with modesty and class, these pillows are a perfect everyday sleeping partner if you have body ache problems. 

The pillow is made from polyester microfiber to give a plusher feeling to the user. The surface is also smooth and designed to remain sustainable for a long time.

But how does this pillow aid in releasing the body ache without memory foam? Well, a pillow doesn’t need memory foam to be effective against body aches. 

The Amazon basics pillow is set into shape just according to the body requirements of the user.


  • Comes in a budget-friendly with an Amazon basics warranty.
  • Polyester microfiber shell protects the pillow and makes it super sustainable.
  • Offers exceptional support against fibromyalgia pain and is made from down alternative material to prevent allergies.


  • Issues with the density charts provided by the manufacturer

5. Momcozy cooling U-shaped pillows

Another amazing pillow designed specifically for moms and the body pain they endure during pregnancies. The one thing differentiating Momcozy cooling U-shaped pillow from the rest is its ability to support your whole. No matter if you sleep in an upright position or on one side.

The Momcozy pillows will provide exceptional support against fibromyalgia and body pains. Made from a mixture of polyester, cotton, and silk, the pillow has an air-venting design keeping your body cool and supported at the same time.

Another amazing thing about the pillow is that it is not confined to being used by pregnant women alone. If you have severe fibromyalgia issues, this is the pillow you should definitely opt for. The whole-body support dynamics aid in targeting multiple body regions at the same time.


  • Provides full body support with a design that supports multiple body regions as needed.
  • Skin-friendly and can maintain its sustainable form for quite some time.
  • A perfect partner for people who have the habit of sleeping on one side rather than laying on their back.


  • Issues with the size chart mentioned by the manufacturer.

6. Acubliss Acupressure Mat and Pillow Massage Set

Acubliss is known for always thinking out of the box and coming up with a product that tackles a problem effectively. This time, they have done the same thing to aid people suffering from fibromyalgia and body aches are severely painful.

The Acubliss Acupressure Mat and Pillow Massage Set is a complete package that helps relieve pain and pressure from the body by targeting certain pressure points of the body. 

As the company proudly claims, the power of a thousand nails relieves the stress and ache from the body gently.

Using the Acubliss set is super easy. All you need is a spot where you can lie down and relax. Set the Acubliss mat and pillow in place and enjoy stretching your body for a therapeutic pain-relieving massage. 

Plus, the technology used in all of this has been proven effective for centuries.


  • Very handy and easy to carry around, making it perfect for outdoor camping and pain-relieving sessions.
  • Comes with a proper pain-relieving guide focused on how the duration of use affects multiple body areas.
  • The nails are made of PU plastic placed on a 100% cotton fabric support.


  • Requires some thorough research regarding how to use it effectively.

7. Casper Sleep Essential Pillow

A pillow that is going to soothe your sleep schedule by relaxing your neck region effectively. One of the most noticeable things regarding the Casper Sleep Essential Pillow is its outer covering. The shell is made of 100% cotton, eliminating allergy chances.

From the inside, the Casper store has a special treat for the users. Long fine silk threads are packed within the pillows to provide exceptionally plush support to your head and neck region. Another inner chamber contains short-coated fibers for orthopaedic balance and support.

Plus, there is no restriction on the pillow used by a specific category of sleepers. All types of sleepers can equally benefit from the comfort and support offered by Casper Sleep Essential Pillow. That’s something you don’t find every day.


  • Comes with a 3-chamber pillow design. Each chamber is filled with a particular fabric/material offering a particular support feature.
  • Plain and simple. Perfect for people who try to avoid allergens as much as possible.
  • Comes with proper care instructions to ensure the sustainability of the pillow.


  • Repeated and elongated use can cause the pillow to go flat.

8. Avana Kind Bed Orthopaedic Support Wedge Pillow

The ultimate support system against fibromyalgia pain is finally available on Amazon. We are talking about the Avana Kind Bed Orthopaedic Support Wedge Pillow System. The most prominent thing about this pillow? Well, it will be the wedge-like shape of the pillow and the supporting cushion.

Unlike regular-shaped pillows, the Avana Kind pillow is designed to relieve pain in body ache conditions like fibromyalgia without putting the user in the way of additional pain. Setting it up is super easy; you all need a great spot to sit back and relax.

Another factor that makes the wedge pillow so perfect for people suffering from fibromyalgia is that it follows the spine’s natural curvature. The polyester plush covers allow users to put the wedge pillow anywhere they prefer.


  • They are resistant to strains of allergens and are great in terms of sustainability.
  • Comes with a 4lb Visco Memory Foam that will aid in adjusting the body according to the preferred position.
  • The leg support wedge is a spot in addition to the whole wedge support pillow model.


  • Comparatively higher price than the rest of the pillows in the same category. 

9. Carex Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow

Is the lumbar pillow any good for people suffering from fibromyalgia? Of course, they are! Fibromyalgia pain is not confined to a particular region of the body alone. 

The intensity of the pain also varies from one person to the other. This makes the lumbar pillow a great option to relax the body against fibromyalgia pain.

In particular, the Carex Lumbar Pillow is made up of memory foam which allows the pillow to provide the required support to the user in the neck, back, and legs, preferably. The dimensions of the pillow also make it super portable.


  • Easy to carry around and can be placed over any surface with any preferred sleeping position.
  • Made from hypoallergenic material, users of all ages can use the pillow for support.
  • The pillow is clinically tested for its ergonomic design, which is great for body ache support.


  • Lower support area for some of the users and body regions.

10. HeadPillow TMJ Relief

Last but not least, we have got the TMJ head relief head pillow. As the name indicates, the TMJ relief pillow is designed for support and pain relief in the head region alone. This feature has given the pillow a distinct status among fibromyalgia-relieving gadgets.

Some patients suffering from certain fibromyalgia symptoms often complain of having severe and long-lasting pain in the head and surrounding region. The crown-shaped HeadPillow TMJ Relief is made for relieving this kind of pain in particular.


  • The design is patented and can exceptionally relieve stress and pressure from the head and surrounding region.
  • Super portable design and can be used on the go.
  • Comes with two removable silk covers with active in-built Bluetooth speakers.


  • It is only effective against head and neck pain.

Final Note

So, with this, we hope you know exactly the benefits of certain pillows against fibromyalgia pain. All the pillows mentioned above are proven effective against this condition. 

Still, to go with a particular option, it is better to keep your condition and symptoms at the very top. Fibromyalgia is tough on the bones. It is always a good idea to sleep with a nice pillow at night so there is ease and comfort. Feel free to choose from our curated list. 

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