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Early summer is upon us and that means the beach, the pool, and fun outdoors. However, those who have mobility challenges often avoid this. It’s not without good reason as wheelchairs can get stuck in sand and many wheelchairs don’t float.

How cool would it be to roll along the beach? How great would it be to not let being in a wheelchair hold you back from enjoying the beach? There are many reasons that people cannot go to the beach, for some is because they are afraid of swimming and for others, it’s simply due to mobility issues.

But what if there was a way for them to enjoy themselves by bringing their wheelchairs along with them?

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Beach wheelchairs are specially-made wheelchairs designed for use on sand, from soft, dry, deep sand to wet or rough sand.

Beach wheelchairs will provide much smoother and easier mobility than regular wheelchairs, allowing for people with disabilities to participate in activities such as swimming at the beach.

Best 13 Wheelchairs for The Beach and Sand That Will Make Your Summer Great

There are beach wheelchairs and beach wheelchairs. This blog is going to list the 8 best beach wheelchairs that you should consider when looking at the market.

Push VS Powered VS Floating beach Wheelchairs

The main difficulty in the sand is to propel yourself and most wheelchair users will need the assistance of a pusher, if you really want to be independent on the sand and hard terrain you will have to go for the battery-powered wheelchairs which are obviously more expensive.

Powered/motorized wheelchairs offer so much fun and independence, however, Since Powered wheelchairs are quite expensive many people cannot afford them.

But worry not! if you want to enjoy and feel the true freedom that the beach offers and don’t want to empty your wallet you can always rent a beach scooter. I will offer a great renting option also in the list below.

Floating Wheelchairs, as their name suggests, are Wheelchairs that can flow in the water, allowing their user not only to enjoy the sun on the beach but actually go in the water.

Below are some of the best push wheelchairs, Floating wheelchairs, and battery-operated wheelchairs in the market.

1. Beach Wheelchair with 16 Balloon Tires for Soft Sand (WC-16)

Product Dimensions20″D x 20″W x 16″H
BrandFields Outdoor Supplies
MaterialSta, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

The Beach Wheelchair with 16 Balloon Tires for Soft Sand (WC-16) is just what you need if you’re aiming for smooth rides and comfort on sandy beaches. Thanks to its extra-large 16-inch balloon tires, it cruises over soft sand without any trouble, making it super easy to push around.

You’ll love how it quickly disassembles using cotter pins, fitting perfectly into your car trunk or SUV. It’s built from Healthcare Grade PVC along with stainless steel and aluminum hardware, so not only is it tough, but it also stands up well against corrosion.

The mesh seat and folding footrest really up the comfort level, making sure you enjoy every minute at the beach. It’s lightweight enough for easy handling, yet strong enough to hold up to 250 lbs.

Best For: Anyone needing a reliable and easy-to-handle wheelchair for sandy and uneven outdoor terrains.


  • Those large 16-inch balloon tires are great for getting good traction and stability on soft sand and other tricky surfaces.
  • It breaks down quickly and easily for transportation in a car trunk or SUV, which is a big plus for portability.
  • Made from Healthcare Grade PVC with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum hardware, it’s built to last and maintain its condition.


  • It can only support up to 250 lbs, which might not work for everyone.

2. Beach Wheelchair with Balloon Tires (WC-1)

BrandFields Outdoor Supplies
StyleHeavy Duty
Product Dimensions20″D x 20″W x 16″H
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Model NameBeach Wheelchair

If you often find it challenging to move around on sandy beaches, the Beach Wheelchair with Balloon Tires (WC-1) could be just what you need. This wheelchair is equipped with 12 balloon tires specifically designed to handle soft sand and uneven terrain easily. Made from healthcare-grade PVC, along with stainless steel and aluminum, it’s not only durable but can also support up to 250 lbs.

The wheelchair features a comfy mesh seat and a foldable footrest to enhance your comfort. Plus, it’s super easy to break down for transport, making it a great choice for beach trips. Even though it doesn’t have wheel brakes or a seatbelt, its user-friendly design and 1-year warranty make it a convenient option.

You should note that you’ll need a bike pump to inflate the tires once it arrives. This wheelchair is a fantastic option for those who love beach outings but need help with mobility on sandy or uneven surfaces.

Best For: Perfect for individuals facing mobility challenges who love spending time at the beach.


  • Comes with 12 balloon tires, great for navigating through soft sand and bumpy surfaces.
  • Built from sturdy materials like Healthcare Grade PVC, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Can be easily disassembled, making it easy to transport in a car trunk or SUV.


  • Lacks brakes on the wheels, which might make it a bit tricky to control.

3. TerraWheels All-Terrain Wheelchair for Beach and Outdoor Use Blue

Product Dimensions47.24″D x 31.5″W x 46.06″H

The TerraWheels All-Terrain Wheelchair is perfectly designed for those who love beach and outdoor adventures. This wheelchair, with its sturdy aluminum and stainless steel frame and versatile all-terrain rubber wheels, effortlessly takes on sand, gravel, and even snow. You’ll find it super easy to fold, making transportation and storage hassle-free. Plus, you won’t need any tools to put it together, which saves you both time and effort.

It’s strong enough to support up to 300 lbs and comes with an extra-wide seat that reclines, ensuring you stay comfortable. The fabric is both UV and sea-water-resistant, which really helps it stand up to the elements over time. But, keep in mind, that some folks have mentioned that it’s a bit pricey and that steering through sand can be tricky. So, it’s good to consider these points before making your decision.

Best For: Anyone looking for a reliable and versatile wheelchair for different outdoor settings.


  • Super easy to fold and store, making it great for travel.
  • Built with materials that resist UV and seawater, so it lasts longer.
  • Assembly is a breeze since you don’t need any tools.


  • There have been some issues with steering, especially on sandy surfaces.

4. Floating Beach Pool Wheelchair Water, Sand, Sea, Balloon Tires

Item Weight60 Pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Seat Height18 Inches

Perfect for those who love hitting both the beach and the pool, this beach wheelchair with its balloon tires glides through sand and water like a breeze. It sports a lightweight aluminum frame and a stainless steel fork, which helps it stand up to any salty splashes without a hitch. The chair itself weighs 60 lbs but can hold up to 250 lbs, and it features an 18-inch wide seat crafted for comfort.

Now, just a heads up, while it does a stellar job on wet sand, it’s not the champ on soft sand. Quite a few folks have pointed out that it’s a bit of a struggle in those mushier conditions. Also, a heads-up about the customer service—it’s been a bit of a sore spot. They stick pretty firmly to their no refunds policy, and not everyone has had the best experience dealing with them.

This wheelchair is a solid pick for adventurers who stick to beaches with firmer, wet sand and need something reliable for light water and sand conditions.


  • Those balloon tires are a real game-changer for cruising on sand and in shallow water.
  • Its lightweight aluminum frame paired with a stainless steel fork means you don’t have to worry about rust from salt water.
  • It’s a breeze to put together and take apart, so traveling and storing it is no sweat.


  • It doesn’t handle soft sand all that well, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on some serious off-trail adventures.

5. Hippocampe Beach All Terrain Wheelchair Standard Pack

Brake StyleElectromagnetic
Handle TypePush Handles

Are you on the lookout for a wheelchair that boosts your mobility across different terrains like sand, pebbles, and snow? If so, the Hippocampe Beach All Terrain Wheelchair Standard Pack could be just what you need. It’s tailor-made for all sorts of outdoor adventures, making it easy to enjoy vacations and family outings without a hitch. Whether you’re tackling sandy shores or snowy trails, the dual wheels and FiX Back feature ensure you stay comfortable and stable.

Not only is this chair practical, but it also comes with a dash of style, available in either pink or blue. It’s foldable and compact, crafted from stainless material, which makes it a breeze to transport and keep up. Plus, it comes in four sizes, so finding the perfect fit is no sweat. Whether you’re navigating it yourself or getting a helping hand, this wheelchair is ready to join you on your adventures.

Best For: Anyone eager to maintain their independence and enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the terrain—from sandy beaches to snowy paths.


  • Perfect for various surfaces, including sand, snow, and pebbles.
  • Its foldable and compact design means you can easily take it anywhere and store it without hassle.
  • With multiple sizes and colors available, you can choose one that suits your style and needs.


  • You’re limited to just two color choices.

6. Custom Floating Beach Wheelchair with Balloon Tires

BrandSand Rider
ColorWhite Palm Pattern
Brake StyleElectromagnetic

The Custom Floating Beach Wheelchair with Balloon Tires is a game-changer for anyone with limited mobility who loves the beach. This innovative chair is designed to effortlessly glide over sand and navigate through uneven surfaces thanks to its robust, all-terrain wheels. No need to stress about the sun, sand, or saltwater either; it’s built tough to handle those harsh beach environments and can support up to 300lbs.

You’ll find the ergonomic seat super comfy and supportive, making it perfect for enjoying that beach vibe. What’s more, it’s not just easy to use but also a snap to carry around. The wheelchair folds up easily, making it super convenient to transport and store. Planning a beach day or an outdoor adventure? This wheelchair is all about boosting your accessibility and independence.

Best For: Anyone with mobility challenges who wants to enjoy the beach and outdoor settings in comfort and on their own terms.


  • You get better access to sandy and uneven terrains.
  • The seat is not only comfortable but also supports your posture.
  • Its collapsible design makes it a breeze to transport and stow away.


  • Keep in mind, it might need regular maintenance to keep up with sand and saltwater exposure.

7. Custom Floating Beach Wheelchair with Balloon Tires

BrandSand Rider
Model NameSand Rider

If you’re looking for an easy way to navigate sandy beaches, the Sand Rider Custom Floating Beach Wheelchair with balloon tires is the way to go. Made by Virginia Beach Products LLC, this lightweight chair is a breeze to push, even on the softest sand.

It’s pretty compact too, measuring 70 x 38 x 48 inches and weighing just 59 pounds, so it’s built to tackle the unique challenges that beach terrain throws at you. The balloon tires are a game changer – they roll smoothly without digging into the sand, which is perfect for anyone who loves the beach but needs a bit more support.

And guess what? It’s made right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting top-notch quality. There’s also a warranty to give you some extra peace of mind. Imagine enjoying the beach like never before with this awesome wheelchair!

Best for: Anyone with mobility issues who loves beach days and wants a dependable, easy-to-use beach wheelchair.


  • It’s lightweight, so pushing it on sandy terrain is no sweat.
  • Thanks to the balloon tires, there’s no sinking into the sand, just a smooth ride.
  • Made in the USA – that means quality materials and craftsmanship.


  • It’s really best just for beach use, which might not be the most versatile option for everyone.

8. BOX Beach Bomber Wheelchair

The BOX Beach Bomber Wheelchair is the perfect choice for those who want a wheelchair that can tackle all kinds of terrain but don’t want to sacrifice style.

Available in many colors, and offering a 10-year warranty and up to 500 lbs weight capacity, the Beach Bomber is sure to provide you with years of fun and adventure.

features beach tires 5″ wide, and massive inflatable creeper front wheels. This chair will get around in almost any environment

The Beach Bomber is the Ultimate Wheelchair for beach, mountain trail, or just around the block. Custom Built to fit you properly and your ability. With a variety of colors and options to choose from, you can match it to your favorite beach towel!

9. Sand Rider Wheelchair

BrandSand Rider
Brake StyleElectromagnetic

The Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair features oversized wheels for superior sand and off-road performance. The ergonomic push handle design & convenient front pull point make it easy to transport and store.

The Sand Rider can either fit in the trunk of your car, or can be stored in the closet when not in use. It doesn’t even take up much space when flying with it to your next beach vacation!

With three Fabric color options: White, blue & grey, and four frame colors: silver, purple, candy blue, and hot pink, the Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair is a unique wheelchair specifically designed for beach usage.

These wheelchairs are designed for persons needing mobility assistance while outdoors, who may need to get around on beaches, sand dunes, parks, or even light trails.

The Sand Rider wheelchair is the ultimate beach wheelchair. The frame has 1.7” diameter and is powder-coated in stunning colors. The Upholstery is made of Sling-quality vinyl-coated polyester product that provides antimicrobial protection.

10. Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair

The Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair combines the comfort and stability of a traditional wheelchair frame and drivetrain with an inflatable flotation platform. The result is a product that allows an individual to safely enjoy fun in the water.

From recovering from surgery to assisting paraplegics or multiple sclerosis patients, this chair reduces the risk and sense of insecurity associated with entering the waters.

It has a buoyant, high visibility, and color-coordinated design that allows it to be seen above the water. The Mobi-Chair’s extra wide seat and solid back provide maximum comfort, as well as easy access for sitting positioning. This seat is covered in a water-repellent vinyl and the tires are rubberized foam-filled.

The Mobi-Chair seating area is detachable and all other parts can be separated and stored or transported separately, allowing for more convenient handling and storage of wheelchair parts.

11. Beach WheelChairs Rental – DeBug and Sand Helper

In case that you are looking just to rent a Wheel chair then this one is a great option.

The Sand Helper is a motorized beach wheelchair that enables users with disabilities, to remove themselves from being pushed on the sand by someone else.

The patented design allows the user to move quickly in all directions over the sand, water, and even wet surf, to give the user much greater access to the beach than was previously possible.

Features Include Inflatable Tires – filled with air, they offer better traction and a firmer ride than inflatable tubes.  All-Weather Wheels – large plastic wheels are used on even wet or sandy beach.  Variable Speed Control – ability to control speed up to 4 mph.

Another company that offers a variety of beach wheelchairs for rent or for free is DeBug Mobility products – You can check out their rental locations here.

DeBug is also my next recommendation on this list.

12. DeBug Mobility products

Apart from renting Beach Wheelchairs DeBug also offer a variety of Beach Wheelchairs for sale.

DeBug Mobility products are wheelchair accessories created to bring freedom and mobility to people who use wheelchairs. Mike Deming, the company’s founder, has a wife named Karen who was injured in a car accident in 1990. Because of her unique seating requirements, Mike set out to design the best all-terrain wheelchair possible.

From the special fabric used on this durable wheelchair bag to its custom-molded base that is both water-resistant and cushioned, every element of the product has been tested and trusted for over two decades by people like Karen.

DeBug beach wheelchairs offer a variety of features and models, so you can find just the right one for you. These lightweight, portable wheelchairs are waterproof and have large wheels that roll smoothly over sand. DeBug also offers elevating legrests, reclining backrests, and tilt-in-space capabilities in many models.

You can Check out DeBug beach wheelchairs models here. DeBug also offer great floating wheelchairs called EZ roller floating wheelchair.

Here is a video that will show you how cool these Wheelchairs are:

13. Electric Beach Wheelchair – Beach Cruzr

In case that you have the budget(around $8k) to buy a powered beach wheelchair then this one is a great option.

The Beach Cruzr is a beach wheelchair designed for the sand. The width can be set from 28 1/2″ to 40″, so it fits people of almost all sizes. It also has a large seat capacity of 275 lbs and extra-thick, extra-wide rear tires, making it great for beach lovers who want to be able to wheel in and out of the water comfortably!

The Beach Cruzr is designed to handle the sand and small inclines of your favorite destination. With its waterproof batteries, the Beach Cruzr will reach speeds up to 6 MPH, go 15 miles, and will handle inclines up to 21 degrees with ease.

What can the Beach Cruzr really do? Just about everything beach-related. Whether you’re at the shore, on the golf course, or in the park, this high-performance electric wheelchair will carry you with ease so you can get to where you want and explore your world.

Things To Consider When Buying A Beach Wheelchair

When you’re picking out a beach wheelchair, there are a few crucial things you’ll want to think about to make sure it’s just right for you.

First, consider the weight capacity of the wheelchair – you’ll need one that can comfortably support you.

Also, it’s important to check how well it handles different types of beach terrain. Is it easy to put together and carry around? That’s another big factor.

And don’t forget about the seat comfort! A comfy seat can really make your time at the beach so much better.

Wheelchair Weight Capacity

Before you pick a beach wheelchair, always check its weight capacity. This is crucial to ensure it can safely support the user.

You definitely don’t want to overload the chair, so take a good look at the maximum weight limit specified by the manufacturer.

It’s best to choose a model where the weight capacity is either equal to or greater than the user’s weight. This way, you’re making sure the chair can handle the load without any issues with performance or safety.

If you go for a chair with a higher weight capacity, you might also notice it’s more stable and durable – a big plus for heavier users.

Just remember, overloading the chair is a no-go. It can mess with the wheelchair’s functionality and safety, and you sure don’t want any accidents or discomfort while using it.

Terrain Adaptability

When considering the weight capacity, it’s also crucial to think about how well the beach wheelchair can handle different types of terrain. If you’re looking for ease of movement across soft sand, beach wheelchairs with balloon tires are the way to go.

These tires are great because they’re stable on sandy beaches and perform well on rougher surfaces and grassy areas where regular wheelchairs might have a tough time. The balloon tires help the chair adapt better, preventing it from sinking into the sand and ensuring a smooth ride.

This feature really comes in handy for all sorts of outdoor activities, whether you’re hitting the beach, going on a hike, or just chilling at a picnic. Definitely consider choosing a beach wheelchair that makes moving around in various outdoor settings easier, so you can have more fun and worry less.

Ease of Assembly

When you’re thinking about a beach wheelchair, consider how quickly and easily it can be put together. Some models come with a tool-free setup, which is super convenient. It’s great because you won’t have to waste time looking for tools when all you want to do is enjoy the beach. Try to find options that have easy-to-follow instructions and not too many parts. This way, you can get it set up fast and spend more time having fun instead of getting frustrated with assembly.

Also, it’s a good idea to go for chairs that have quick-release mechanisms or snap-on components. These features are lifesavers because they let you assemble and disassemble your chair without any hassle, making every trip to the beach a breeze. So, choosing a beach wheelchair that’s easy to put together can really make a difference in how much you enjoy your beach days.

Portability Features

When you’re picking out a beach wheelchair, it’s really handy to check for features that make it easy to transport and store. You should go for ones that you can take apart easily so they can fit into your car trunk or SUV.

It’s a good idea to choose lightweight materials like aluminum or PVC, because they make the wheelchair easier to carry and move around. Plus, if you can find a compact and foldable design, that’s a big win! It means you can pack up and hit the beach without any fuss.

Also, try to find chairs that don’t need any tools to put together. This makes setting up a breeze once you get to the beach. And don’t forget to consider the weight of the wheelchair itself. A lighter model is so much easier to handle, making your beach trips way more fun and a lot less of a hassle.

Seat Comfort Levels

Portability sure makes it a breeze to take your beach wheelchair anywhere, but let’s talk about comfort. It’s a big deal, especially on those bumpy sand terrains. You’ll want features like padded seats, adjustable backrests, and footrests to keep things comfy.

And let’s not forget the right seat size—it’s key for kicking back and relaxing for hours. Plus, ergonomic touches like lumbar support and breathable fabrics? They can really boost your comfort level, making every beach trip way more fun.

Durability and Materials

When picking a beach wheelchair, keep an eye on both the durability and the materials used. These elements are key as they greatly affect how long the chair lasts and how well it performs under tough seaside conditions. It’s a good idea to choose chairs made from healthcare-grade PVC, stainless steel, or aluminum. Why? Well, not only are these materials durable, but they’re also resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater and UV rays.

Aluminum and stainless steel frames are particularly great because they provide the strength and stability you need for all-terrain use. This means you can easily move around on sandy beaches.

Also, don’t forget to check the fabric used. UV and sea-water-resistant fabric will definitely extend the lifespan of the chair. And those heavy-duty rubber wheels? Absolutely essential. They’re specifically designed for various terrains, which will make your beach trips smoother and more fun.

Safety Features

When it comes to beach wheelchairs, safety features like seat belts and secure footrests really make a difference in how safe and reliable they are. You’ll see that some chairs have adjustable safety belts, which is great because it means you can tweak them for both comfort and stability.

It’s pretty important to check the weight capacity as well, just to be sure the wheelchair can handle the weight of you or your loved one without any issues. And, you should definitely go for wheelchairs made from strong, durable materials. It’s all about making sure the chair lasts longer and stays safe.

Oh, and don’t forget to look for those extra safety features like anti-tip mechanisms or wheels that are made for handling bumpy terrains. These bits are crucial for avoiding any mishaps and making sure your time at the beach is both fun and safe. So, always keep these safety features in mind when you’re picking out a beach wheelchair.

Maneuverability Considerations

When you’re picking out a beach wheelchair, it’s super important to think about the size and type of wheels it has. Bigger, wider wheels are your best bet because they glide over sand without sinking or getting stuck. Plus, features like swivel wheels or adjustable handles can make a huge difference. They let you turn and navigate way easier.

You also want to pay attention to how the wheelchair balances and distributes weight. This is key for making sure you can turn easily without any risk of tipping over. And don’t forget about things like easy-grip handles or ergonomic push bars. These can make steering a whole lot simpler.

Lastly, you’ll want to check the turning radius of the wheelchair to ensure it fits your needs, especially in those snug beach spots where space is at a premium. Keeping all these things in mind will help you zip around smoothly and make the most out of your beach day.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can Beach Wheelchairs Be Easily Transported in Regular Vehicles?

Absolutely! Most beach wheelchairs are super easy to transport in regular vehicles. They’re typically lightweight and foldable, so you can pop them into your car without any hassle or extra equipment. It’s all about making your trip to the beach as smooth as possible!

Are Beach Wheelchairs Covered by Insurance or Healthcare Programs?

Beach wheelchairs usually aren’t covered by insurance or healthcare programs, so you might have to pay for them yourself. However, you can look into grants and charities that provide financial help for this kind of equipment.

How Do I Maintain and Clean a Beach Wheelchair?

To keep your beach wheelchair in tip-top shape, make sure to give it a good rinse with fresh water after every outing. This helps get rid of any sand and salt. Also, it’s a good idea to regularly check for any signs of rust and keep those moving parts well-lubricated.

Can Beach Wheelchairs Be Used on Other Types of Terrain?

Absolutely, beach wheelchairs can venture beyond the sand, though they’re really best on it. Keep in mind, if you’re rolling over rocky or bumpy ground, those big, balloon-style wheels might not handle it as smoothly.

What Safety Features Should I Look for in a Beach Wheelchair?

When you’re picking out a beach wheelchair, it’s super important to check for a few key features. First off, make sure it has safety belts – you’ll want to stay secure, right? Also, look for durable tires that can handle sandy and uneven terrains. And don’t forget about materials that resist corrosion; after all, salt water can be pretty tough on metal. Stability is a big deal too, so ensure it feels steady. Plus, having adjustable support can really up the comfort level and keep you safe no matter where you roll.


There are some fantastic beach wheelchairs lined up for 2024! You can glide over soft sands using the WC-16’s balloon tires or tackle rugged terrains with the TerraWheels. Each model ensures your comfort and safety.

Remember to consider important aspects like tire type, seat comfort, and how easy it’s to transport. Choose the chair that best suits your beach-going needs and get ready to enjoy the freedom and joy of the great outdoors!

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