10 Worst Jobs for Someone with BPD – You Don’t Want These Jobs!




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BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) is a complex condition that affects how people feel about themselves and those around them. It is characterized by unstable and intense emotions such as self-doubt and insecurity.

The disorder makes everything about an individual seem unstable, from mood to thinking and behavior to identity.

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Anyone who has BPD gets triggered by the smallest of things. This is why it can be difficult to hold a job if you have BPD.

However, some jobs would prove to be harder and should be avoided. These are mentioned below. 

Here 10 Worst Jobs for Someone with BPD

1. Legal Clerk or Attorney

One of the worst jobs for someone with BPD is working as a legal clerk or attorney. You might be misled by television series to think otherwise. But, it is important to note that lawyers have to spend most of their time analyzing an unending stream of boring documents.

Attention to detail and focus are crucial for drawing up contracts and wills. Since people who have BPD find themselves restless and easily distracted a lot of the time, they are likely to make careless mistakes. Hence, legal work might not be the right option.

2. Executive Assistant

Another job that is not cut out for someone with BPD is the role of an executive assistant. As an executive assistant has to anticipate the needs of their boss, the role might not be the perfect fit. Besides, it requires one to book flights, organize itineraries, and juggle logistics to ensure that the manager does not have to deal with anything.

Moreover, the job can seem thankless at times and demands incredible time-management and organization skills which anyone with BPD would struggle with. It is due to this reason that you have to consider a different job.

3. Event Planner

Event planners help provide the ultimate experience to their clients. They wear a lot of hats and take on work that might not even be included in their job description. From wedding planning to conference planning, event planners have to be on top of everything. The job requires excellence.

It involves hiring caterers, speakers, and wowing guests. The hardest part of the job would be to schedule logistics and create something that people can remember.

4. Accountant

Adults who have BPD struggle to work as an accountant. It is a career that is just not for them. In fact, they might find themselves burned out while working on taxes and crunching numbers.

The job requires precision and attention to detail which are not areas that you might excel in and that is perfectly fine. Besides, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes in tax codes and state regulations. 

5. Librarian

The next role that can be tough for someone with BPD is that of a librarian. As a librarian, you would need to be a master of self-guided organization. You would have to keep the entire library in order with minimal supervision. This is why it is not something that you would be passionate about. If you enjoy plenty of stimulation, the job will only burn you out. 

6. Customer Service Representative

The truth is that answering the phone all day can leave you feeling exhausted, especially if you have BPD. It can be challenging to keep your temper in check when customers are not right and are not courteous. 

If you have BPD, you will find the role of a customer service representative to be overwhelming. Hence, you would be better off considering a different role that involves less stressful interaction.  

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7. Truck Driver

The next job that is not suitable for people with BPD is working as a truck driver. Long drives on your own overnight tend to be monotonous and can even prove dangerous for adults who have BPD. People who have BPD are more prone to distractions and can miss signs and signals that could make their life miserable.

Besides, limiting phone calls and music on the road can take a toll on their mental health. In fact, working as an Uber or Lyft driver would still be a much better option. 

8. Operations Manager

Although operations management might seem like a dynamic career option that offers great pay, it is not a profession that is well-suited for people with ADHD. The role involves overseeing day-to-day operations of a company such as addressing budget concerns, negotiating contracts, hiring employees, and guiding team members through different projects. It requires a calm attitude in stressful situations and efficient multi-tasking. Thus, you should consider a different role.

9. Assembly Line Worker

Speaking of repetitive work, assembly line work is not something that people with BPD would excel at. The job requires continuous attention to detail. Therefore, you are likely to suffer from boredom and struggle to stay focused when not stimulated. Instead, you should search for a job that keeps your mind fresh and allows you to work on different things.

10. Counselor or Therapist

Someone who has BPD is likely to struggle in a counselor or therapist role. Although you might be more empathetic than most people and try to forge a positive relationship, the job could take over your life. Thus, you would find yourself feeling stressed out after a long day at work.

Besides, you might already be seeing a counselor or therapist to manage BPD. Even if you find the job to be interesting, it will quickly wear you out and you might get affected by the life of your patients. Learning to maintain a balance and not letting your job take over your life is something you would need to master to be able to work as a counselor. 


Now that you know the worst jobs for someone with BPD, you can look at other jobs to ensure success. Having BPD might seem like a struggle.

However, it provides you with insights that other people would be unable to harness. Therefore, you would be more likely to succeed as a software engineer or fashion designer.

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