Best Computers, Tablets, And Mouses For Parkinson’s Patients




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For patients who have Parkinson’s disease, computers, tablets, and internet access are some of the essential items for their life. Parkinson’s patients cannot use normal computers, tablets, and mice because of their hand tremors and other issues.

Computers, Tablets, And Mouses For Parkinson's Patients

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It can be a frustrating experience for them if they want to use the computer but can’t because of their situation.

Certain adaptations or accessibility items that Parkinson’s patients can use if they want to use the computers and tablets have been discussed in this article. Read on to find out!

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Keyboard Control For Traditional Computers

As we are aware that Parkinson’s patients suffer from hand tremors which makes it impossible for them to use computers. They cannot type on traditional keyboards because it is difficult for them to focus on pressing the keypad. Additionally, the mouse control isn’t easier for them too.

All of this results in extra keystrokes and makes it absolutely impossible for the patient to operate the computer.

If the patient is using windows, here are a few tips that will help them and make it easier for them to operate the computer. The bounce key function is found in the windows that help in controlling the number of keystrokes when the keys are pressed.

Here are the steps that you need to follow if your patient wants to use the computer with the ease of access;

Step 1: Press the window key and “U.”

Step 2: Upon pressing the keys, you will reach the ease of access center.

Step 3: Select the option “make the keyboard easier to use.”

Step 4: Chose turn filter keys on, and choose the options that might help your patient while using the computer.

Step 5: Additionally, you can also turn the voice feature on to operate and type.

Best Computers For Parkinson’s Patients

There are various computers available in the market for people who need assistance to carry out their daily routine tasks. Still, these computers are no good for people that have Parkinson’s disease.

The only answer to the best computers for Parkinson’s patients is to consider buying a desktop PC.

Parkinson’s patients shouldn’t go for laptops while purchasing their own machine because if they purchase a laptop, they will be stuck with the already integrated keyboard that is pre-installed and cannot be modified.

On the other hand, if the patients purchase a desktop PC, they will have numerous options to choose from, such as USB and Bluetooth keyboards, Wireless and Wired Keyboards, etc. All of these keyboards come in different shapes and sizes.

The most important thing about purchasing desktop PCs is that the patients can choose every other accessory according to their needs and desire.

For example, if the patient wants to purchase a bloated or island-style isolated keys keyboard, he can quickly find one. There are other types of keyboards available, too, for patients and gamers.

If the patient is also suffering from visibility issues and is having a hard time focusing and reading words, there are various desktop screens available that have magnifiers to help the patients operate the computers with ease.

Along with this, there are various computer keyboards available that have extra-large keys to help with their vision. Some of the best options that are available for Parkinson’s patients are as follows;

Best Tablets For Parkinson’s Patients

As technology is changing from day to day, so are mobile phone applications in the everyday life of Parkinson’s disease. Though the disease still has no cure but is still manageable from spreading badly.

In the past, people didn’t know how much use of computers and tablets can help patients recover from the disease. Still, as the technology is advancing towards a brighter future, more and more patients are adapting to the upcoming changes, so many of them want to purchase tablets that can help them overcome the disease.

Though there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best tablets for Parkinson’s disease. Here are some of the best options for you to chose from

1. MagniLink Tab

It is a complete tablet solution for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The solution is basically based on Microsoft Surface Pro and comes with a 12.3 inches screen. It is the best option to do any kind of small task as well as if the patients want to do anything long-term on it, it is the best and perfect option.

Additionally, the internal camera of the tablet can be used for reading. On the other hand, another high-end camera is attached, which is perfect if the patient wants to do a long-term reading on it.

2. Mercury 10 Tablet Magnifier with OCR Speech – Touch Screen Video Magnifier

The Mercury 10 Tablet Magnifier with OCR Speech – Touch Screen Video Magnifier uses the state of the art technology to make it easier for the patients to perform their mobile-related tasks easily.

It encompasses a magnification system that is similar to that of an android tablet. The sole purpose of designing this tab is to provide comfort and ease of access to patients with Parkinson’s.

Mercury 10 Tablet Magnifier with OCR Speech – Touch Screen Video Magnifier can enlarge the image of printed material and can speak it out loud too.

3. Mercury 12 Magnifier with Speech & Distance Camera – Touch Screen Video Magnifier

Mercury 12 Magnifier is one of the first tablets that comes with a CCTV installed. It is the best option for people who want a device that can work both as a laptop and a tablet.

It is compatible to work with all kinds of windows software, and due to its large screen display, it is the first premium choice for Parkinson’s patients.

It has the ability to read everything aloud and comes with a stand, which makes it sure that the tablet doesn’t fall.

The most beautiful thing about this tablet is that it comes with a touch screen video magnifier which means that you can even magnify videos while recording or playing.

Best Mouse For Parkinson’s Patients

Around 50% of the people that are suffering from Parkinson’s disease also suffer from significant challenges while performing their daily routine activities. Additionally, due to extensive hand tremors because of the disease, the patients have a hard time while using the mouse.

Because they don’t know if there are any possible solutions, the majority have them have no experience whatsoever in using the possible alternatives to the conventional mouse.

Although some of the users have previous experience while using a touchpad, the majority of them don’t even know if there are any possible options out there. Here are some of the best mice for Parkinson’s patients.

Trackball mouse

The trackball mouse for computers is the best solution for people who have Parkinson’s disease. A trackball mouse is convenient for people suffering from hand tremors as it helps them focus on the tasks they want to perform.

Here are some trackball mice that have shown promise in helping Parkinson’s patients;

Pen on Pad mouse

Pen on Pad mouse is another suitable option for people who have Parkinson’s disease. Still, it requires some basic training before the patient can use it to his advantage. Pen on Pad mouse comes in different shapes and sizes, and its performance depends on the user’s comfort level.

Here are some of the suitable options for Parkinson’s patients;


For people who have Parkinson’s disease, the use of computers, tablets, and mice is necessary. There are plenty of options available in the market that can help patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Some of those products are listed above and are proven to show fruitful results.

If your loved one has Parkinson’s disease and he needs any kind of computer or tablet, well, now you know what might be the suitable option for them. All of the products mentioned above can increase the stability among the patients suffering from the disease and decrease the patient’s unnecessary movements.

Along with this, the speed and accuracy of the person who has Parkinson’s disease can be increased greatly. On the other hand, people who are suffering from stress injuries can also benefit greatly from it if you found this article useful and want to study in detail some other products that could help your loved one who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, browse our website, and make the life of your patient easier and comfortable than it already is.

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